Your prophecy on Ibori politically motivated – Amori to Bishop Okokporo

Berates clergyman for acting a script under the guise of prophecy

The Political Adviser to the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Ighoyota Amori has berated the General Overseer of Promise Kingdom Ministry, Sapele in Delta State, Bishop Godday Iboyi Okokporo for allowing himself to use by politicians to attack former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori through fake and false prophecy.
Bishop Okokporo was reported to have while prophesying at the church auditorium during Sunday’s service advised Chief Ibori to quit politics or risk embarrassment and rebellion from his followers.
An online news medium quoted the Bishop saying, “You have done well as a man, you have brought development to your people, but let me tell you too that it is time to step down and apply wisdom in your political life.
“I am seeing people who are beneath you, accusing you that you cannot be the leader of the state forever, if you step down, you will have more respect and more fame because I see you talking and no one seems to be taking your counsel and then they will begin to see you as a threat,” he added.

Reacting to the clergyman’s prophecy, Chief Amori in a statement late on Sunday described the prophecy as “fake and false politically motivated and highly SATANIC prophecy which from all intent and purposes is from the pit of hell.”
Amori stated that, “For sure he was playing a well-drafted script which he claimed to be divine prophecy. This is A BIG LIE. Bishop Okokporo should have given the script a second look before accepting to be the bearer of false prophecy. For sure Bishop Godday Iboyi Okokporo is NOT GOD, WISHES ARE NOT HORSES.”
Chief Amori, who is the current Chairman, Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency, likened the prophecy of Bishop Okokporo to some of the political prophecies of Fr Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Centre, Enugu.
He said, “In this hard time when the economic downturn is taking a knock on every facet of life, the churches are not left out.
“So many Pastors and General Overseers are not finding things easy in their various churches hence some have resorted to fake prophecies and taking a cue from Fr Ejike Mbaka of Adoration Centre, Enugu, to make false prophecies in collaboration with some politicians to smear and antagonize imaginary enemies.”
The Mosogar Kingdom born politician advised Bishop Okokporo to stay clear from politics stressing that the clergyman chose the wrong person to attack.
On the interference of Chief Ibori on certain political issues affecting Delta State, Amori said, “No one needs to be told that the Bishop is just playing politics and being used to fight an imaginary enemy.
“I will advise Bishop Okokporo to restrict himself to his divine calling (if he has any calling) or drop his garment and join the political murky waters for him to understand clearly that we have seen a lot of people like him.”
Chief Amori cautioned Bishop Okokporo not to allow politicians to use him the way they did to Fr Ejike Mbaka as the end is always disastrous.
“I make it clear to you (Bishop Okokporo) that Chief James Ibori remains a political colossus both in the state and in Nigeria.
“For your information, Chief James Ibori has good and excellent relationship with the state government, national and the party top hierarchy since he came back from incarceration in the UK.
“There has never and there will be no disagreement between Ibori and the Political Class of the state and national, if that is what you Bishop Godday Okokporo is looking for, you will be very disappointed.
“Ibori has NEVER been accused by anyone of interfering with the party or government day to day running.
“Several congresses and elections have been conducted from ward to state to national level since Ibori came back, no one has complained that Ibori has interfered or imposed a candidate on him or them. As a human being, he is entitled to his choice of candidate in any position. This does not amount to interference,” Amori stressed.