July 29, 2021

Yoruba Agitators In Diaspora And Home Storm Street To Demand Justice For Sunday Igboho

Not long hours ago, Yoruba agitators take to the street of Ibadan and went to Olubadan Palace and the governor’s office, Governor Seyi Makinde to protest against the statement uttered by the Nigerian government on Sunday Igboho.

The agitation doesn’t end there as the Yoruba Nation agitators in the diaspora took to the street to condemn the same action by the government.

The pictures that were circulated over the internet were people holding banners depicted support for Sunday Igboho.

This means both Yoruba within the country and diaspora have gone against the government and we will wait to witness the subsequent move of the government – either they listen to people’s voices or resist and proceed with their initial unconstitutional acts.