Let’s Reach out to the Needy among us; First Lady of Kwara State
Dr. Mrs Olufolake Abdulrazaq
‘World charity day presents an avenue for us all to rekindle our sense of humanity through helping and supporting the needy around us.
Amid a global pandemic, unprecedented needs and restriction on movement, I salute the dedication and sacrifice of our frontline health workers and indeed all humanitarians as they respond to the covid 19 crisis and the massive increase in humanitarian needs it has triggered.
My office and the Ajike People Support Center will not relent in our efforts at ensuring that we promote and recognize the role of charity in easing humanitarian challenges, let me also use the occasion of the day to recognize charitable organizations and individuals whose philanthropic actions have endeared an inclusive and resilient society.
Consequently, I urge people to imbibe the culture of giving, though acts of charity are not only about giving money, as we can find whatever stokes our passion and volunteer to do same.
In commemoration of the 2020 International Day of Charity, I urge you to donate and help to support the needy and the less privileged around you as this will help to improve their lives’.