Akeem Adebomojo
Global Convener: New Deal Coalition (NDC)

*“Show me a man diligent in his works and duty, a man who not only walks his talks, but talks his walks, for he shall stand tall amongst his peers loved by friends and foes. He shall wine and dine with kings and barons, even the Heavens shall bless and proclaim his name in reverence and honour. To him belong all the accolades, for he is kept in high esteem and a dignifying space he occupies in the hearts of men. He indeed is a man of honour before God’s own Eye”.* -Anonymous.

The above exaltation aptly describes the persona and personality of His Excellency, Gov. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike (NEW), a trained lawyer and the 6th Executive Governor of Rivers State.
Wike is a very rare breed judging by the creed of the Nigerian politicians. He is a very pragmatic, consummate and astute politician who sees and plays the game of politics with avowed principles and means of advancing general good above personal and selfish aggrandizement.

Wike’s personality and political philosophy have, ever since his foray into Nigerian political space in 1999 defined and dignified him as one of the most detribalized Nigerian politicians who has built and still building bridges of political understanding and cohesion across all the regions, tribes and ethnicity in Nigeria. Rivers State under his watch is a haven for religious tolerance, ethnic and social harmony, peace and tranquility.

He is a fearless, courageous and pragmatic statesman who upholds the principles of justice, equity and fairness well and above personal gains.

Wike, imbued with mental and intellectual shrewdness, has often succeeded in confronting and subjugating his political adversaries locally and nationally into submission, confounding these agents of regression with his uncanny farsightedness and informed political sagacity.
He has, since joining politics remains a highly principled politician who has raised and keeps raising the bar and standard of politics and politicking in Nigeria. His style and concept of politics is premised on service delivery and commitment to improving the standard of living of the common man. In all his past political appointments at both the state and national levels, Wike had left indelible imprints yet to be surpassed by his successors.
Since becoming Rivers State Governor since 2015 till date, Wike has basically transformed the entire state with unprecedented level of socio-economic, infrastructural, educational and cultural development.

He has offered proactive leadership and expanded the frontiers of progressive government in Rivers State and beyond. By running an all inclusive, focused and democratic government in the state, Wike has brought to the fore, the essence and relevance of political leadership to governance in Nigeria. His economic blueprint to transform Rivers State into an enviable model in Nigeria is encapsulated in his vision and determination to use the state’s human and natural resources for the progress and development of the people.

Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is one of the founding fathers and stalwarts of Peoples Democratic Party, the PDP. A very loyal and strong party man, who, in spite of overtures from other opposition parties has remained irrevocably committed to the ideals and ideologies of PDP. His firm belief and commitment to the ideals and philosophy of the party, particularly the principle of party supremacy has often led to political disenchantment between him and a section the national leadership of the party. More often, Wike’s political standpoints have always, usually been generally applauded and adopted as the only practical way for maintaining and sustaining party cohesion.

His pan-African viewpoints on issues have singled him out as one of the few Nigerian leaders with continental and global relevance and recognition. Nyesom is irrevocably committed to one Nigeria and is working assiduously with people of like minds across party lines to promote and advance its unity and that the country, in spite of the current challenges of insurgency, banditry, kidnappings and other centrifugal forces threatening its corporate existence, Nigeria remains one united and indissoluble nation.