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Why I Want “IK Osakoduwa”To MC My Wedding-Simi Drey


Born and bred in London but an Ibadan Girl at Heart. Simi Drey is a First Class Degree holder in Broadcasting Journalism. She was the Host of “Late Night Show” (LNS), a Talk show on CoolTV and currently working with Spice TV. She featured in the hit TV series ‘The Governor’ and ‘Tinsel’.
The Girly and Flirty but Decent Screen Diva, is fast becoming a TV Host to be reckoned with as She Bagged an Award as The Next Rated TV Presenter at the continental Trek African Women Awards 2015 (TAWA) now rebranded as Trek Africa Awards, defeating others and she has had the privilege to Host and Interviewed top notched celebrities like the real life Superhero, Femi Kuti, former Chocolate City Boss, Audu Maikori, Beautiful Juliet Ibrahim, to name a few. When she first arrived Nigeria, Simi thought Bryan Okwara and Lynx were really cute though confessed that she fell in love with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) who eventually gave her a first Heartbreak when she later realized the block buster Actor was married. Not many people know that Simi is a serious Shy lady.
She Confessed to Oki Samson .O why she wants Nigeria’ most rated On Air Personality, IK Osakoduwa to MC her wedding when the time comes because he is an exceptionally talented host and somebody she looks up to the most in the broadcasting industry. Enjoy the interview!

Momentous: Can we meet you (Full names, Background and Growing up).
SIMI: My name is Simi Drey, I am in my “A” twenties (I’m not giving my exact age in case I decide to have a footballers’ age in my forties hehe) and although I grew up in London, I am an Ibadan girl at heart.

Momentous: Education
SIMI: I hold a First Class Degree in Broadcasting, Journalism and Communications from the University of Wales.

Momentous: Journey into Broadcasting/Media.
Simi: It was at university I decided to become a Broadcaster. I had my own radio show which I co-hosted for a year and loved.

Momentous: Did you participated in any TV competition or Talent hunt.
Simi: Not really to be honest. Not many people know this but I am mega shy and it wasn’t until I started university that I decided to push for an on-screen career. I have gone for acting and presenting auditions though. That’s how I landed roles on Ebony Life TV’s ‘The Governor’ and ‘Tinsel’. I kid you not though, I hate auditions! I get so terrified haha.

Momentous: If not TV Host, what else would you have gone for?
Simi: The course I studied at University covered a wide range of topics including Marketing and PR.
That would definitely have been my backup plan. My other dream is to become an X-Men…hasn’t been very successful so far though.

Momentous: Who are some of d mega stars or highly profiled personalities you have worked with or hosted on ur TV show?
Simi: I have interviewed Femi Kuti whom I believe is a real life superhero. I’ve also interviewed Audu Maikori who is such an inspirational person and the beautiful Juliet Ibrahim, to name a few.

Momentous: Which is ur first Professional Awards?
Simi: Trek African Women Awards TAWA 2015-Next Rated TV Presenter of the Year.

Momentous: Role models in the Broadcasting/TV industry?
Simi: I love Bonang Matheba, Stephanie Coker and in the UK Alan Carr. He’s incredibly funny. IK Osakoduwa is also exceptionally talented. I look up to him the most and I’m still mentally trying to figure out how to psyche him to MC my wedding when I eventually get married hehe.

Momentous: How would you rate the entertainment industry?
Simi: I think the entertainment industry in Nigeria has grown so much and is still growing. A lot of our stars have already gained international recognition. As for the drama side though, I prefer to sit on the sidelines and sip my tea.

Momentous: Have you had any crush for a male celebrity before? If yes, Who?
Simi: Haha the truth comes out! When I first came to Nigeria, I thought Bryan Okwara and Lynxx were really cute. I fell in love with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) when I was much younger though, only to realise that he was already married. That was my first heartbreak.

Momentous: Which international star will you like to work with or interview?
Simi: I’m pretty sure Rihanna and DJ Khaled would be very entertaining to interview. I would also love to delve into the minds of Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar.

Momentous: What is ur marital status?
Simi: I’ll be married soon enough.

Momentous: Who is ur kind of Man?
Simi: A man who loves God, hardworking, faithful and adores me…even when I’m getting super annoying…which is a lot haha. And faithful. Yes, I said it twice.

Momentous: What is your beauty routine?
Simi: I try to stay off alcohol and soft drinks as much as possible. Instead I drink room temperature water like a whale, I cleanse and moisturize my face every morning and night and I never sleep with makeup on…most times! We’re all guilty of it but it’s so bad for your skin!

Momentous: How do you unwind?
Simi: Pizza and movies all day any day!

Momentous: Which country is your favorite vocational spot?
Simi: Sweden is my home away from home. It’s where my Grandfather is from and I dream of one day owning a house there in the countryside.

Momentous: What’s your Fashion style?
Simi: Girly, flirty but decent.

Momentous: Who is a Woman?
Simi: A woman is a force. We have literally given birth to the entire world. There is not much we cannot do.

Momentous: Advice to aspiring TV Hosts?
Simi: Study a lot of Presenters and find your own unique style. The media world is very competitive but if you bring something different to the table, the world will have no choice but to listen and hear your voice.