Weekly Visit To My Constituency Makes Me Closer To My People -Hon. Adekola

Holding a strong belief in giving back to the society the same degree of what was given him in form of mandate as a member of House of Representatives, representing Ekiti South Federal Constituency 1, and seeing the dividends of democracy evenly distributed always amidst his constituents, Hon. Segun Adekola has told newsmen in Ado-Ekiti over the weekend that weekly visit he makes to his constituency has made him more closer and relevant to his people, maintaining that the regular visit has heightened his admiration and increased his publicity in the media.

He added that he has never reneged on any of his electoral promises and also assured the people of his constituency of an increase in the tempo at which he brings dividends of democracy in the subsequent years. He maintained that he has been the vocal type in the House and one of the movers and the shakers of the green chamber.

“I am a lover of genuine democracy where deserved returns in form of dividends are appropriately given to the people. It is not just the expected but the must-do as an individual in whose custody the mandate of the people dwells. It is a truism, unto whom much is given much is equally expected. I cannot underestimate the supports I’ve so far enjoyed from my constituents. They deserve all my best!

“Nothing gladdens my heart than giving back to the people who had unanimously entrusted me with their mandate. They have honestly shown me the greatest love which as a matter of must, be reciprocated by all means, and which I’ve been doing since I started enjoying their mandate as a member of the Representatives.

“I want to believe my best is yet to come, so my appearances in the news have not even started. Each visit to my people affords me opportunity to know areas of urgent needs and how best or fast such exigency can be met without unnecessary delay. That has been one of the factors featuring me in the news all these days because I don’t postpone till tomorrow what can be attended to today.

“It is being responsive to the calls of my people and I shall never relent in giving the best of dividends of democracy back to my own people. Who am I without my people? The chance which they have given me to represent them shall be judiciously utilised to the glory of God and service to mankind,” Hon. Adekola posited.

Describing his various empowerment programmes as expected norms from his own volition, the federal lawmaker was of the opinion that the latest, which was the distribution of school uniforms, notebooks and other writing materials to over two thousand indigent primary school pupils across his constituency, Ikere, Ise-Orun and Ekiti Southwest local government areas, was just a tip of an iceberg compared to what still in stock for his people, most especially students across all levels.

He said thousands of bursary forms have been given to students of higher institutions across his constituency and the disbursement shall take place before the year runs out. Added that the gesture was to relieve the parents and apparently reduce the burden of academic sponsorship on the them.

Adekola however explained that he who cannot utilise a very little opportunity given to benefit the lives of his or her people, especially in politics, if given greater one, expectations will only go down the drain and nothing spectacular shall be benefited from such selfish egocentric oriented individual.

“Any leader who wants to be responsible and relevant beyond his generation must be readily available and responsive to the yearnings of his people; Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State is a typical example of such a leader. We must emulate him as we are proud of him every now and then. Our daily activities must reflect his mentorship,” Hon. Segun Adekola admonished teeming Nigerian leaders.