We Are Endowed With Exemplary Leaders In NURTW- Mc OLUOMO

Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya popularly known as MC OLUOMO is a Man with Star Name but with Humble Countenance. The Young, Charming and Charismatic Lagos State Treasurer, NURTW recently Celebrated His 41st Birthday with a Mammoth Crowd of Friends and Families in Lagos who presented over Twenty Five Sets of Beautiful Design Cakes and Gift Items to the Celebrant.

Mc Oluomo in this Interview with Sesan of Momentous National Magazine And other Journalist at His Oshodi Resident took time to give Thanks to God who has Spared his Life and Bless Him Greatly, Spoke about His Cordial Relationship with his NURTW Bosses, Specially Thanked and Wished Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, The National Leader of All Progressive Congress (APC) Happy Birthday, whom they Shared Birthday Month together, describing Him as a Leader of Leaders and Prayed God’s Continuous Blessing and Protection upon Asiwaju Tinubu.

Below is the full Excerpt, Enjoy!

Momentous: Can we meet you sir?
Mc Oluomo: My name is Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya aka Mc Oluomo, the State Treasurer, NURTW, Lagos state chapter.

Momentous: Recently, you celebrated your 41st birthday, it’s as if the whole world came to celebrate you, from what we have heard about you so far from people around, there is no doubt that you have attained a great height, can you share your secret with us?
Mc Oluomo: Whatever one becomes and attains in life is tied to the parent’s deeds, if the parents are good, they will produce a good child. I thank God for my life and greet my mother, Alhaja Sunaat Abebi Akinsanya, I greet her because if not for her, who would know or recognize Mc Oluomo today, also, may my father’s soul rest in perfect peace, it is through the parents one would know how good a child is, if the child is good or not, its until the child is born and it is what the parents has sown that the child reaps.

Momentous: A lot of people see you as a leader, some see you as a boss while some say you are a good father, are these characters and values also from your parents?
Mc Oluomo: Those are values I gained through knowledge from parents and people around me, I have learned that wisdom is everything, when you are wise, you will direct and guide everything under you with wisdom. If people call me boss, mentor or even father, yes! It is because of the good values they saw in me. Although, people may refer me to as boss and all that but in terms of the work NURTW, Lagos state chapter, I have a boss, Alhaji Tajudeen Agbede who is the state chairman and I serve as his treasurer. Talking in terms of the world not just in Nigeria, everyone wants to know who is Mc Oluomo and when they eventually know or have the opportunity to meet me, just because of the nature of the job, people would assume that I am a smoker or drinker whereas, those are not part of my values, either they believe it or not, I know and My God knows that I don’t do such things but people assume these things about us because of the nature of the job, the state chairman has changed some of these things and has purged the job of most dirty character and this has encouraged more people to consider joining the union. In one’s environment, the character you exhibit with your followers matters a lot that, is what you get in occasion like this.

Momentous: You said, you do not drink or smoke, yet you lead more of those that exhibit these characters, how do you do that? What is the secret?
Mc Oluomo: There are certain things that require wisdom in life, change doesn’t happen instantly, change requires wisdom and a lot of patience, it entails leading by example, and with this, gradually, and you will be able to achieve the change you want. But for clarification, those act of indecency do not happen around me because I have raised decent followers, also it is not everyone that drinks or smokes that act irrationally, some of them still act decently. And I believe that with continuous advice and encouragement, they will desist from every indecent character totally.

Momentous: There is a usual Yoruba adage that says “Ninu ikoko dudu ni eko funfun ti n jade”
Mc Oluomo: Yes, the one who uses it is a close relative and a brother, he knows me quite well and this is why he uses this adage to refer to me, he who say such, the person does not lie, he is principled and a man of integrity. For you to be in a place among so many persons most especially, as a leader, leading different species of people having different characters and values, for you to have such persons as followers, there must be something they have seen that has been keeping them with you and they are still seeing which is still keeping them till date.

Momentous: With reference to your job sir, how did you start, managing it from the scratch till this point where you have achieved greatness?
Mc Oluomo: God has endowed us with good leaders from the top, leaders like the National Chairman, NURTW, Alhaji Najeem Usman Yasin has left good footprints for us to tread, also my boss, Lagos state Chairman, Alhaji Tajudeen Agbede, he followed the footprints from the top and left the footprints for us to also follow, the same footprints we have also left for the followers to tread and this is why the national union of road transport workers have become reputable.

Momentous: How happy are you being your 41st birthday celebration?
Mc Oluomo: I can’t contain the happiness I feel because as at this time last year, I was at Moora, Hajj, calling unto my creator. It was the time of election and the fear of that time kept everyone indoor, as at last year, I remembered there was almost chaos during the celebration and I had to fly to Moora. I am so happy because God has worked in miraculous ways and that is why I said earlier that everyone will reap whatever they have sown, there is no doubt that I am reaping what I have sown today seeing the large crowd that has gathered to celebrate me.

Momentous: With reference to God’s blessings in your life, in terms of children, wife, peace, comfort, riches, and everything, what else do you want God to do for you?
Mc Oluomo: No one has it all, everyone has their buts, everyman has come to struggle in life, the prayer we should all keep praying is that may God not take away all he has given to us, may we not return to the scratch, if one continues to hold on to God and pray to God for everyone and everything he has, God will continue to do more. We should continue to hold on to God because there is no rest until death.

Momentous: What advice would you like to give to celebrants born in the same month like you?
Mc Oluomo: As you all know, we march celebrants are large in numbers, we are countless, people like our father, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whose birthday is on 29th of march, I wish him a very long life and prosperity, he will celebrate more and more years in peace, in comfort, in good health, whatever he lays his hand on will prosper and God will continue to protect and guide him. Also Chief Obasanjo, K1 the Ultimate, Wasiu Ayinde, my wife Aishat, my daughter Suliyat Ayinke, Gende, Ilaro and others, we all have unique qualities, we have good heart and great personalities, all march born are unique. I pray that we all will always conquer our enemies, I pray for long life, happiness and upliftment for everyone of us. I greet all March celebrants a happy birthday!