Votes Buying will send you to jail Avoid it Now! ! Prince Adewale Samson

As Edo and Ondo Governorship Election draws closer. Prince has warned! Don’t sell your birth right for a piece of Ankara nor cash! Also don’t forget votes buying is a serious crime in the land, the giver and receiver are both going to jail. In politics you must understand that those involved in vote buying are the wicked politicians that don’t have your interest. Every one of them is chasing their own interests. Dealing with them is like sleeping with tigers; you must always have your eyes wide open or you have to read the book; Tiger by tail. In any Political equation, there’s always someone being used, like those that sold their votes for a pair of Ankara, are mostly the victims also those that collected peanuts in exchange of their votes, don’t forget you will have to wait for the next 4years again before you can get another pair of Ankara or they monetise 2k they will call it transportation fare, Serving this kind of Politicians is like a bandage on a wound. Once the Wound is healed your usefulness ends. Wicked Politicians don’t recognize and reward value they recognize their own needs and you are only as useful as the lifespan of their needs for you. In Politics never you carry guns nor agreed to be a thug for them, don’t wail more than the bereaved. They will get the rewards while you inherit their enemies. In Politics, in any event that other interests conflict with your own interests and you have to choose, always choose yours. Never cross oceans for wicked Politicians you will drown and the best they will do is give a benevolent speech at your burial, they will lie to your widow and children and eat your food. Wicked Politicians will never cross the streets for their foot soldiers. Even the devil will not die for them, so you too shouldn’t. If you claimed that your godfather in politics loves you so much, please go and ask for the hands of his daughters for marriage and get his response,

We also have good young and vibrant politicians but they are scattered all over the place but will never want to join the old political parties, because they know and we have seen it time without numbers that the old parties are good in changing the bottles to new ones but the same old wine are inside, Do this good politicians have the stamina to challenge the status quo? The answer is No/YES, No in the sense that they are scattered all over the place because they/you felt politics is dirty and not good, don’t forget the bad ones will keep ruling / dictating and making policies that will or may affect you and also control your livelihood in the country if you stay away, (YES) in the sense that we come together as a formidable force we the youths are in numbers. These woes cannot continue. On that note: I invite every patriotic Nigerian to embrace New wine in New Bottle called AGAP, All Grand Alliance Party, As AGAP is the DNA and remains the only cleansing balm to the Nigeria endemic challenges. Imbibe AGAP DNA today; Where no godfatherism where Disciplined and Responsible Membership, volunteerism and active participation. Radical Transparency to strengthen character of integrity and inspire overall openness.
Endurance to keep you going, as it validates, enamours and strengths committed Change leaders. Challenge the status quo with creative thoughts, new ideas, sound principles and hard work. Diversity & inclusion Principles; (together and united we are stronger) and achieve more. A SUPER POWER NIGERIA is possible in 5years Under AGAP! This we will prove to you all starting with KOGI LGA upcoming election December 2019 in which we are going to participate. If you have the convictions join us in this transformational journey.

Prince Adewale Samson (PAS) Is The
State Chairman, AGAP Lagos State
Also the National Coordinator for (RAIN)
Re-Awaken Initiative of Nigeria