July 25, 2021


By Afolabi Akinola.

The exigencies of the moment has raised concerns about the synergies of portfolios to the realisation of essential blueprint of governance from ward level to state house in my microscopic assessment and solution providing mechanism for Governor Babajide Sanwoolu led administration. In modern democracy, there are stratifications in governance from decentralization to harmonization at the center for a common purpose from our Commonwealth in having a Lagos of our dream.

Permit me to be frank,more of portfolios synergies with the vision and mission statement of this administration is creatively required. Ministries should be productively, effectively, efficiently and professionally integrating in harnessing the potentiasl of Lagos state to the fullest.Allegiance must be in terms of COMPETENCE not SENTIMENT. In a team, players must be actively participating to emerge victorious.Loyalty cannot be erected on nothing.A space must intelligently and productively filled.On this note ,dividends of democracy will reach the door steps of Lagosians.

Essentially syllogistic, necessity is the mother of invention throughout history. The present challenges should provoke quality thinking in brainstorming and branding. It is on record that when Former Lagos state Governor ,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the Governor of Lagos a challenge of paucity or complete denial of allocation fund to the created local government community development areas confronted Lagos state, ,the former Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was the Commissioner for Works in Lagos state ,then ,innovative income generating ideas by that administration was a bail out to allocation strangulation of Olusegun Obasanjo led administration against Lagos state. The issue at hand demands a more strategic synergies among political appointees and head of ministries and agencies in connecting the government and the governed in trust and in affirming the substance of their sovereignty as demonstrated through their permanent voters card franchise that brought in this administration. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

Governor Babajide Sanwoolu is a worthy dedicatee of a listening democrat as a Governor of Lagos state .I hereby recommend a more periodic meetings with Chairmen of local government, Community Development Association CDA tagged GRASSROOTS AND THE GOVERNOR. The success of any administration is not at the central but more of bridge builder between the horizontal and vertical chemistry of state house to the grassroots in the case of metropolitan Lagos state. A state is the tree with local government as branches. We need more of integrating autonomy between various components units to make Lagos state a role model per excellence and immuned to destructive conspiracy.

Summarily encapsulating, recommending the establishment of Ministry of HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION AND YOUTH MATTERS will be a better option for this administration in re strategizing and consolidation of dividend of democracy in silencing wild conspiratorial cacophony. Again, LASTMA and other agencies of government needs a more impressive human relations approach in their daily engagement.. The Governor must not be negatively represented in their unprofessional conduct in any way..The oath of offices of political appointees must be productively integrating with the vision and mission statement of a better Lagos as eloquently and repeatedly authored and uttered by the Governor in print and on satellite..A think tank political ,economic, public relation,researchers among other Advisers are also of great necessity now to create Ocean in the desert of numerous expectations and demands of lagosians and Nigerians. Necessity is not only in the availability of resources but sustainability that can beautify legacies.Also,Cross fertilization of ideas will fuel the wheels of socio economic political engineering of Lagos State if cleverly assembled in response to division, specialisation and ultimate consolidation and harmonization for implementation..Thank you all.

Yours sincerely,

Afolabi Akinola

Chairman, Lagos state Chapter of Nigerian American Group for Democratic Support NAGDS,,also a senior staff of the University of Lagos.

He can be reached via afolabiola2002@yahoo.com ,tweeter @afolabi Akinol13 and watzapp 08934434757