By Ifeoma Nwankwo

Many of you are Boko Haram members even without knowing it. The sect is fighting on many fronts. One of them is the propaganda front and this is where many of you have been very active on the side of the terrorists.

You see, you boost the morale of your comrades in the sect when all you share are stories and pictures of dead Nigerian soldiers & civilians. Of course you cannot demoralize your fellow terrorists by sharing stories and images of military successes against the sect. Instead, you question and label such as false, demanding for video evidence.

Take a journey through your timeline and tell us what you see. Any pictures and stories of Nigerian soldiers battering Boko Haram fighters? None! But you sure will find dozens of news items about Boko bombs, beheadings, abductions etc. That is the job Abubakar Shekau wants those in the propaganda team to do and you are doing very well in that department.

So, you see, you are an active Boko Haram fighter and a terrorist. Stop acting like you care because we know what gladdens your heart.