The life wire of every reputable organisations irrespective of their financial standard, their image presentation to the general public counts. Image makers are mirror one see through the companies failure, success and Improvement.
Recipient of IDOMA noble award 28 Dec. 2020.

Mrs FOLAKE Ani-Mumnacy is a quintessential image maker . A true head and display ambassadorial shoe for anyone who is on the page of humane and stand with philosophy of corporate ethic as such wearing the shoe and walk to their promise land. through her office build nations by disseminating the right information corporately to the world which brough huge improvement to first bank.
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Perhaps, the greatest leadership seems to surface during times of personal, social, economic, political, and spiritual conflict. And if inspiration is the key to legitimate influence and thus the source of true leadership , then inspiration should be the pursuit of the true leader. Mrs. Ani-Mumnacy is a specially gifted in conflict management, an inspiration to many people thus, stands as a true mirror of first bank.

In personification, she is diligent and passionate about the mandate of corporate social responsibility across the globe. Sincerelity, humble and quite but smart to foreseen opportunity of corporate and personal development. She is full of grace and dignity, Folake demonstrated good patriotism and deep interest in the welfare of people where she is serving greatly as the Group Head Corporate Communication of first bank plc.
Perhaps , true leaders discover and understand who they are what their purpose is, they influence their environment more than their environments influence them. FOLAKE Ani-Mumnacy leadership style has influenced many kings and queens, young and old positively. Except few, many has enjoy the benefits of corporate social responsibility via her office. she is saintly generous in character, lofty ideals, and broad sympathy has won her love and admiration of the people in the media space.

The essence of leadership is that you give other people value. In other words, you give them something valuable to contribute to, and become involved in. Leaders provides people a cause, a reason for living, and a sense of significance that gives meaning to their lives so that they feel necccessary and purposeful .

This are the unimaginable characters Mrs FOLAKE Ani-Mumnacy group head, marketing / corporate communication first bank plc displays and what she does to change peope’s life and the face of the image of first bank. And whatever she touches turns favour and her steps are orders of divine direction.