Nigeria’s First Full-Service Law-Focused Tech Hub Launches
The first full-service law-focused tech hub has launched in Nigeria. The
hub, called The Lawmation Hub, has commenced operations in the Jabi area
of Abuja, the nation’s capital, with plans to expand to other parts of
Nigeria, and subsequently, Africa.

According to the promoters of the project, The Lawmation Hub seeks to
disrupt the practice of law using technology and innovation. It will
primarily promote LawTech and LegalTech solutions.

Speaking on the new project, Chinedu Obe Chidi, CEO of Law Mediacom
Group, owners of The Lawmation Hub, Law Television, Legal Mediacom
Limited and International Lawmedia Academy, said the company was on the
march towards improving the practice of law in Africa through the
strategic deployment of innovation and technology.

“The law is central to our entire existence as a people. For it to truly
be fully accessible in the 21st century, it must keep pace with the
innovation and technology of the era. This is what we are committed to
bringing to being. Our goal is to become the number one driver of
technology adoption by the legal community on the African continent”, Mr
Chidi said.

Speaking about the hub, the Operations Lead, Francis Adegbe, said, “The
Lawmation Hub is Nigeria’s first full-service law-focused technology
hub. It is designed to create the ideal climate for the development of
the latest Lawtech and Legal-Tech solutions that will assist, even
disrupt, not only the legal community, but other vital sectors of the
economy as well.

“The hub will also serve as a connector between its technology partners
abroad and local consumers. It will have one of the largest and most
diverse curation of latest innovation products for ready supply to the
legal and non-legal communities.

“As part of its service platforms, The Lawmation Hub has: The Lawmation
Coding School, The Lawmation Co-Working Space, The Lawmation Lab and
Showroom, The Lawmation Hackathon, The Lawmation Expo, and The Lawmation
Solutions Fest”.
Speaking on the hub’s target market, Head of Projects, Blessing
Paulinus, said the hub would not only cater to the legal community, its
primary target, but would also cater to the larger public. She said,
“even though our primary market is the legal community, we shall also be
catering to the larger public. Through our Coding School, Coworking
Space, and Lab and Showroom service platforms, we shall be serving a
broadly inclusive community”.

She added that the hub would help revolutionise the practice of law in
Africa, as its incubator and accelerator programmes would help create
and empower law-focused startups to develop solutions that would change
the practice of law as we know it. “Law students, practicing lawyers,
legal researchers, as well as startups and professionals outside the
legal community seeking to improve the practice of law, would all be
empowered to help transform the rather conservative field of law,” she

She added: “We have so much on offer for kids, girls and other
demographics of society. Through our Kids-Code, Girls-Code, Code+, Cyber
Security and Graphic Design programmes, we shall be helping to build a
community of tech-empowered people that will help change Africa and the
world for good.”

Adebowale Abdulwahab Ashimi, Operations Associate at the hub, described
the capacity development opportunity at the hub as “a unique platform
that enables people to enter and maintain strategic placement in the new
economy shaped by innovation and technology”.

Matthew Eloyi

Law Mediacom Group