July 27, 2021


They are notables in the world of amazons, fierce and feisty, rippling through the humane, philanthropical and political spheres, redefining their voices to change power structures and create a lasting impact to man kind. Two of a kind. The amazing amazons. Full of humility and reeling in grace. Perfect example of beauty with great measure of candor and elegance. Despite their status among women, they still exhude meekness and radiate love. What the world may have glossed over, however, is the weight they throw behind their husbands, driving the habit of early life of the nation and providing access to political skills and human resources that will enable the pool of men and women politicians succeed in the traditional quest for nation building.
The two most powerful women in Aso-rock and Nigeria at the moment have created a dynamic approach to political space for their hubbies to retain the chief seat which guarantees success of Buhari and Osibanjo’s re-election. In fear they have become more fierced airing their views publicly amist uncertainty, insecurity, political and socio-economic ills and most times daring the powers that be in Aso-villa. Mrs Aisha Buhari, wife of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria and Mrs Dolapo Osibanjo, wife of the Vice President is not the usual power-ladies who only draped in ceremonial attires to attend official engagements and represent their husband at social functions. Right from the onset, they are very confident and vociferous wives of the two powerful men in Nigeria giving a different definition to the meaning of their national status. To this day, whether we like it or not, their status may not have the constitutional or legal backing or official mandate, but in practice it is often a very constraining and conservative position, it continues to hold the potential for significant power. It reflects informal — but still critical — political, cultural and social undertakings that affect matters of state.
The Mrs President and Mrs Vice President syndrome has many negative tendencies -the promotion of autocratic practices, personal aggrandisement of the status, cronyism, display of diplomacy to hold the government down over manuplative positions that is seen to be at the detriment of the nation’s unity and advancement among others. Nevertheless, there are facts about the potential positive impact of the their phenomenon in creating opportunities for agencies among female political actors, and creating a body of female political activists who are growing in numbers and in public recognition.
They bring their influence to bear on the placement of the nation into positions of socio -enconomic development, these women of class can be said to have helped increase the pool from which persons of credibility could be recruited into positions of power. Even the self-aggrandisement of their status touches on a repertoire of practices that may help even women to compete more effectively in struggles to access political power. It is known that the use of the title Mrs President or Mrs Vice President, more so First Lady or Ladies so to say are described as the spouses of an executive which began in the United States. In the early days of the republic, there was not a generally accepted title for the wife of the President. For example, in the Nigerian context, Aisha Buhari obviously aware and have refused to confine to the appellation of wife of the President, preferring to be called First Lady, which often serve as a lightning rod for influence as well as controversy, a phenomenon that endures. A First Lady’s power is real—and to her should be the recognition she receives.
As a matter of fact, in the political minefield of Nigeria, numerous male politicians market the office of the First Ladies through the use of praise singers who are image-makers and through the use of public campaign. But, First Ladies who attempted to complement the efforts of their husbands, are sometimes percieved to be of absurdity and national embarrassment whilst triying to put in a lot to protect the glamour of their offices.
These amazons of human spirit has remained resolute to the belief that the responsibility of women goes beyond just the house to the community. Nevertheless, they are not politicians and don’t want to make headlines. Their status seems strong, graceful, compassionate, dignified and shaped by the role as women, wives, mothers and very visible public figures of the nation.
However, the boldly unique women champions powerful opinions and affirms the inherent power on the topics of leadership, friendship, purpose, adventurousness, cooperation, collaboration, risk-taking, resourcefulness, happiness, compassion, and much more including what it is to inspire.
Aisha Buhari and Dolapo Osubanjo are intelligent, educated, accomplished, graceful, beautiful and loves Nigeria and have proven beyond doubt that they are just as exceptional if not more.

The poll finds no significant difference between men and women on Clinton’s more moderate stance on abortion or the fact that Bill Clinton would be in the White House if she were elected.
There is, however, one part of her record that is strikingly weak, and wrongheaded even by her own admission: her support for the Iraq War, a catastrophe that caused great harm to America.
This error in judgment would be less worrisome in a presumptive presidential candidate if she seemed to have learned foreign-policy lessons from it. But Clinton’s remarks on Monday provide the latest evidence that she remains prone to military interventions of choice, even when the likely outcome of intervening is unclear.
I have lost more sleep than all of you put together. I have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done
The former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state was the first woman to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party.
was mired in fraud and deception.

  1. Fighter: Clinton, once again, has proven to be a formidable political fighter. She does not give in easily and can punch back hard in adversity. During her many encounters with Sen. Bernie Sanders, as well as during the congressional hearings into Benghazi, she has proved that she could do remarkably well when confronted by political opponents who question every word that she utters. Aside from the debates, she has proven to be a public official who can absorb many body blows, still maintaining her standing in the polls and able to attract votes. Her blistering speech last week warning about the dangers the nation, and the world, would face if Donald Trump had access to nuclear weapons painted him in a devastating light and goaded him into an angry response that seemed only to confirm her warnings.
  2. Coalition builder: With the voting results in many primary states, Clinton also demonstrated the ability to build broad electoral coalitions in different parts of the country, something that will be pivotal in the swing states during the general election. Clinton’s appeal as a strong partisan leader has been a big attraction to different kinds of voters and she has been able to develop strong loyalties among groups such as African-American voters.
  3. Crusader for Democratic causes: Clinton has shown that she can articulate and defend a robust Democratic domestic agenda even though she is often criticized by progressives for being too much in the center. Over the course of the primaries she has heard and seen the growing unrest in the Democratic electorate and the demand for a more progressive set of policies. She has been willing and capable of adapting by becoming more vocal on issues like the national minimum wage and a stronger health care system. While she needs to do much more work to convince many Democrats that she won’t turn away from her promises, she has done well.
  4. She would be the first female president: This makes her candidacy truly historic. Although too often dismissed as the “gender card,” the possibility that Americans could elect a female president would be one of the biggest landmarks in American political history. The decision would mark a huge step forward in a nation where women were not even allowed to vote until 1920 and where gender inequality and sexism remains part of the national culture.
    has proven that he has a crafty feel for the way the modern news media and social media work, and has the capacity to shape and direct conversations in the direction that he wants. He has the uncanny ability to make statements that will dominate news discussion for days and has a feel for the arguments that will capture attention.
  5. Willing to break the mold: Trump is unafraid to advocate unorthodox views. In an era when many politicians, including Clinton, instinctively back away from any statement that defies the standard party line, Trump seems willing to do so with reckless abandon. And so far it has worked. He has made a number of arguments, such as staunchly defending Social Security or offering words of praise to Planned Parenthood, that would have doomed most Republican presidential contenders in years past. Given that voters think so little of the status quo, he has found more leeway by just being different than the politicians they heard in earlier years.
    Repeatedly Trump has made statements that demonstrate his willingness to court dangerous extremists in the electorate. He played word games when Jake Tapper questioned him about condemning the KKK. He has made statements about immigrants, women and Muslims that play directly to some of the most nativist, sexist and xenophobic parts of the electorate. His comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, as well as his doubts that a Muslim judge could fairly decide the case, even led his more enthusiastic supporters, like Newt Gingrich, to dissociate themselves from such racist claims.
    Unpredictable, erratic and angry? Trump is unpredictable, he is erratic and it is unknown how or what he would do if he was in the White House. This means, at some level, he is a big risk. This gives Democrats a significant opening to play into the doubts of the electorate. His hair-trigger temper has popped up several times, providing an unsettling image of what he would be like as the nation’s commander in chief. It also raises questions, as has been the case in his attacks on the judge handling the Trump University case, about whether he will be willing to work within the boundaries of the Constitution.
    Lukewarm support from GOP establishment: He also has been unable to win enthusiastic support from many in the GOP. While the Never Trump movement was paper thin and didn’t last, much of the support from Republicans remains lukewarm, a grudging acceptance that he is the only choice that Republicans will have. He will need the support of around 90% to 95% of the Republican electorate to win. He will also need high levels of voter turnout and strong ground mobilization to win in swing states, all of which remains in doubt at this time.
    Controversy galore: He is saddled with an enormous amount of controversy and scandal, not all of which has surfaced. Just in recent weeks the discussions about Trump University and ongoing questions about why he won’t release his tax returns, as well as alleged connections to organized crime, along with the many comments that can be dug up about his personal life, will remain a vulnerability. The best news for him is that the Clinton controversies of the past 25 years can cancel some of this out or at least neutralize it in the final vote. But there is a long history of controversy involving Trump and further scrutiny by the media could raise new doubts among voters. Weak on knowledge of policy issues: During the primaries Trump has often shown a very thin grasp of some basic policy issues. Sometimes it quickly became evident that statements he made about a certain area of policy were just wrong. And while it is true that he has been able to win the nomination anyway, ignorance can hurt when he faces off against Clinton, one of the smartest and most experienced people in the political realm. He has made baffling statements about allowing Japan and South Korea to have nuclear weapons to deter North Korea, he was stumped by a question about the nuclear triad and was confused by a question about “Brexit,” the upcoming referendum in which United Kingdom voters will decide whether Britain should leave the European Union, just to name a few examples.
    These strengths and weaknesses are likely to drive the dynamic of the general election, even though it’s likely that new issues will arise.
    To be sure, there is room for candidates to work on some of their weaknesses and bring to the forefront aspects of their candidacies that have not yet been on the table. But the basic outlines of candidates do tend to become clear in the first phase of the election. We have learned a lot and have a much better feel for the key elements of the race ahead.
Aisha Buhari

Mrs. Aisha Buhari:
Equiped with a good degree in Public Administration from ABU, this daughter of Nigeria’s first Minister of Defence, Alhaji Muhammadu Ribadu, subsequently trained as a beauty therapist at the Carlton Institute, London and the Academy Esthetique Beauty Institute of France.
is currently a graduate student of International Affairs and Strategic Planning.These three spirited women, who in their time could not even vote or hold office, exercised intelligence and initiative to play a substantial role in the nation’s early political life, and they helped develop the country’s political culture.

Again, as a way of avoiding national embarrassment from that office, we must tame the occupants by tying them inextricably to the apron strings of their husbands. It may be unethical to ask a man to divorce his wife – although this is perfectly normal in some African tradition – we can, by superior legislation, hold a man at least vicariously liable for his wife’s actions. Only then will both sit up.

Dolapo Osinbajo

The wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs. Dolapo (née Soyode) Osinbajo, a granddaughter of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo is an epitome of grace and candor. She is an icon of inspiration to the youth. The aesthetic second lady is a good ambassador to her home; her progenitor and the political wizardry of Awolowo.Mrs Osinbajo is a true representation of the inside and outside beauty of good Nigerian women
In grace and blessings, God endows her with refinement of movement, elegance and contingent of contentment. She’s a good representation of the young girls growing up in the fouled Nigerian political firmament. Mrs. Osinbajo is also a repairer to other dysfunctional families in our religious environment
The quotation above is one of the comments on a viral cultural portrait of Mrs. Osinbajo. She portrays and embellishes our fast vanishing culture in Yorubaland. It is mesmerizing to see the wife of the Vice President of Nigeria genuflecting admirably to the admiration of Baba Buhari, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Second Lady Osinbajo is an adorable woman. If you see a family, or a man in a house dwelling in the euphoria of love and happiness, please, do not hesitate to give unblemished accolades and praises to the woman (manager) in the house for a job well done. Our loveable Vice President is a happy man with every simplicity he represents.

Woman is a catalyst for a happy home; and woman is also an enhancer for a dysfunctional homes. As a student of Cognitive Thinking, Mrs. Osinbajo’s advocacy for prevention of violence against children and women in whatever form interests me a great deal. She believes strongly in the application of cognitive thinking in raising a family and children.

Mrs Osinbajo’s unpretentious simplicity has embellished my mind in most profound ways. She is not a two-faced individual. A behaviour very common to most Nigerians. She’s a well-cultured woman—-very respectful, faithful, loyal and friendly to everyone she comes across.

Mrs. Osinbajo as one of the scions of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo acts very true to her nurtured nature and cradle. She is a true daughter of her parents and our progenitors. Omo Yorûbá atààtà tó gbayi.

It Given this history and vast armoury of sophisticated techniques for eliminating women from democratic political spaces, it is clear that new strategies need to be found to circumvent the barriers and to allow women access to political processes.
Aisha Buhari is a worthy first lady,who supports a lot of social initiatives and is educated in many fields. She is a businesswoman, a beautician, a published writer, and a fighter for female and children’s rights.
Even though Aisha Buhari is much younger than her husband, and she married him when she was only 18 years old. Buhari and his wife have a good relationship, which has lasted nearly thirty years. However, even though Muhammadu and Aisha Buhari seem to have a strong and stable relationship, they do have occasional disagreements. Aisha is the kind of woman who would tell her husband outright if she found something wrong with his policies.

Mrs Oludolapo Osinbajo is a grandchild of the late Obafemi Awolowo. She lost her mother Otunba Olubusola Soyode, one of the children of the late Awolowo,
With the proceeds, she also hopes to sustain her efforts in getting the street urchins off the roads and into homes. “My weekly visits to the ‘boys’ in their hideout under the bridge for several years has filled me with unforgettable stories. Reminiscences of these times are the focus of this book. Our original meeting spot which was lovingly referred to as ‘Under’, today; it has been transformed to the Muri Okunola Park.
Mrs. Osinbajo was born on July 15, 1967. She studied Law, and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1990. She is a grand-daughter of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, premier of Nigeria’s Western Region between 1954 and 1959
She is the author of the book, ‘They Call Me Mama, From the Under Bridge Diaries’ in Lagos (2014), inspired by the decade she spent visiting and mentoring street children in Lagos.
ice President Yemi Osinbajos marriage has reached an amazing 29 years – and were so here for all of this positive vibes!

Prof. Yemi and Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo tied the knot as far back as 1989 [that’s earlier than when this writer was born!] and have remained so committed and in love with each other since then. They’re all types of goals!
“I found a girl, beautiful and sweet many years ago. I got to know you and you became Queen of my heart. You are my past, my present and my future. You complete me! You are as beautiful as the day I met you. Happy Birthday Oludolapo, your heart is my home”, he wrote.

Her Excellency took to Instagram on Sunday to post a short and simple anniversary message on social media on Sunday November 25 2018.

hey learned quickly what it was like to live in a fishbowl, and Martha Washington notoriously referred to herself as a “state prisoner,” subject to the myriad demands of the fledgling United States. She was taken to task for allegedly mimicking royal behavior, the strong-minded Abigail Adams was derided as a political meddler who exercised undue influence over her husband John, and the charismatic Dolley Madison was considered by some to have been too ostentatious in style and extravagant in fashion. They were all subject to unrelenting examination— and today’s public lens is even wider and sharper, as it includes almost instantaneous examination and feedback via television, radio, email, tweets and Facebook, perhaps making the role even more challenging.