Stare Your Vision, Academic Qualifications With Aggressiveness For Your Voice To Be Recognized In Todays Leadership And Stop Being Gentle When Your Rights Are Taken Away – Nwadigos To Nigerian Youth

The International Youth Parliament President Addis  Ababa Ethiopia and Consultant to Umnotho Democratic Front Party South Africa on party global affairs and strategy Hon. Engr Promise Anurika Nwadigos, has called on the Nigerian youths to wake up in  aggressive manner and challenge the leadership situations in the country where young qualified intellectuals are hardly employed and had endured years at home despite having been denied capacity building, vocational skills, economic empowerment, this is because most of the our elected politicians lacks capacity, strategy, character and are intellectually Bankrupt in the morden day politics and technology. This wicked situations created by our own selfish leaders, has forced young brains into criminal activities, robbery, kidnapping, online scam, raping of young girls, insecurity, chaos in the country, Drug abuse, cultism, Political thuggery with all kinds of depression, hunger and poverty which has prevented the Nigerian  youth from moving forward. 
Nwadigos, pleaded with the youths to go back to the basis and run with vision of aggressiveness if success must be achieved in a short while and stop living with just hope for the future which cannot be achieved in prayers and meditation but with a spark of rugged and aggressivenss so our generation can be giving a space in leadership to explore innovations and  light up the dreams; hunger and wickedness has hidden away in the life’s of the youth.