By Afolabi Akinola

The agitation to end SARS in Nigeria has x_rayed both unforgettable and unforgivable episodes of political evolution and narratives of ventilation of anger and frustration within and beyond the shore of Nigeria.I have seen authored and uttered description of genuine youth,ideal youth,miscreants and hoodlums when it comes to looting and burning of both public and private properties that are not enough and raising of national flag protesters alone in description for the the genuine youth.The question I have severally asked is that, are both hoodlums and Angelic youths Nigerians or imported ones which is difficult during curfew? The answer so far has always been they are all Nigerians. If all of these people are Nigerians then I can conveniently confidently and unarguably tell you that youth are not on the same page in Nigeria.They are distinctive in class,habitat, education, background ,ambition, passion, vision and mission statement to life and mindset to life disposition. The only uniformity of description is the AGE BRACKET but 70 percent of the youth got it wrong.No doubt, statement of agitation has been made.Presidential pronouncements has ended SARS but not looting, armed robbery, destruction of properties of perceived enemies of godfathers and deficient mindset.The mind is the engine room of advancement.Philosophically ,IDEAS precceds MATTER.The revolution of mindset should be refined, polished and programmed to a more useful arsenal in enlightenment and strategies because revolutionizing poverty. Nigeria and Nigerian should proceed on revolution from the concept of creative ,employable, determined, disciplined, focused ,industrious, prayerful and calculating youth mindset to think in words,figures construction,production good and futuristic usage of permanent voters card PVC and think in graphics among other superlative talents of emancipation with their physical and mental energies in producing a new Nigeria. Destruction, hooliganism, looting, robbery is anticlockwise to revolution.

The quality of thoughts is the definition of great men and nations.A nation whose quality of thoughts has become weak,clueless and superficial will produce cosmetic and superficial blueprint of socio economic and political engineering towards a more beneficial dividends of democracy. As man thinketh so he is.The youth we have with few exceptions believes so firmly in the immediacy of rewards. Everyone is in an hurry. Everyone wants to arrive by jumping the protocol of no royal road to success. The philosophy of it takes a real fire to make a pure gold has been forever handcuffed. We must firstly fight poverty of POOR THINKING which mostly comes with poor reading culture and training culture. All knowledge of life navigational skills has a price tag and demands and must be acquired with sacrifices of time,energy and pains.Nobody is interested anymore in the price embedded in sowing period. Rome was not built in a day ,although not an excuse to be cat walking since 1960 independence. A nation’s level of development is majorly fuelled by the wheels of quality thoughts of the citizens .Poor thinking belongs to destruction not construction. The Wall of great cities were built with quality thoughts, time ,perseverance and energies. A porous thinking from kindergarten to Octogenarians will forever purchase fake asset of nation building. We are blessed as a nation but we are not good in harnessing our potentials to all encompassing development of nation building investment in human capital development and human face projects.

Statistically evidential, lessons has been learnt.My microscopic assessment of the few weeks shows that PARENT has failed. Charity begins at home. The society we has shown that there is a strong and serious disconnect between parents and their children. To have produced hoodlums of monumental failure is to my understanding a failure of matrimonial homes in addressing the dependent stage of our children. Parents had abandoned duty post.Libidinal recklessness should be criminalised and be legislated upon in the hallowed chamber..A situation where a man and a woman is good in baby manufacturing without any provision is a pollution to a peaceful society. Both religion condemns sparing of rod and spoilt the child. The engagement of social media has made Nigeria to be an employer of more YAHOO FACTORY with youthful employees as a resource person. The mode of dressing everywhere does not portray the youthful days of the Awolowo,the Azikwes,the Gani Fawehinmi,the Maitama Sule,and our nationalist among others.A man that cannot genuinely provide for his home is scripturally worst than infidel.As parents can we honestly beats our chest that we have played our part in both formal and informal education.? The answer is part of the solution for Nigeria issue if we are honest with our conscience.

It is also evidential that government has for a long time disconnect from the citizens. A country without an accurate data cannot genuinely and equitably share palliatives.Those in charge and custody of these palliatives will continue to store food because they lack the objective capacity to share equitably without someone playing smart.The western world has worked on Social security number and immigration policies. Our census is political and until we revolutionise mindset of accurate data dividends of democracy will be on trial.We can share intelligence on our PVC and national identity card to start with. A father who has no idea of the number of children talkless of addressing their needs has failed marital examination. The burden of parenthood goes beyond reproductive or kids manufacturing. A parents and government has mutual role to play at dependent stage of their children as an ideal revolution of the mindset towards a better society.

Interestingly affirming,without any voice of equivocation, for the actualization of a ideal revolution to perfectly work , the parent has a role to play as well as individual has a role to play and the government has a role to play as the only machinery of the state. The quality of thoughts and writings of our nationalists, activists and our heroes past represents an affirmation of a wonderful youth of their time.I have seen and read through the minds of Obafemi Awolowo,Azikwe,spoken Oratory of Maitama Sule,the Tafawa Balewa,the Ladoke Akintola,the Cicero of Esa Oke, late Chief Bola Ige and more closely nativity in the brilliance and oratory of late Chief C O komolafe a native of Ipetu Ijesa ,the founder of George Button memorial College,their youthful days were not without exuberance but not recklessness but a more determined and full of dignity in theory and practice .Some of them were even self made. A youth that genuinely wants a change must start revolution with his PVC.Your permanent voters card must choose against stomach infrastructure and refused to be an instruments of thuggery. The tenacity of genuine end SARS agitation should be extended to franchise of electoral voice not looting for temporary gains.Immediacy of consumption is not a future ticket. We should all learn to play our little instruments positively as legacies in the orchestra of a better Nigeria than we met it.

Institutionally essential is the fact that government needs to recover arms and ammunitions in unauthorized hands and places intelligently with surveillance .Dependent stage of Nigerians must be addressed with policies by government. Between the age of 1 to 18 , the Nigeria government like every other developed nations must provide basic necessities of life and education. I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful, loyal and honest must be mutual. Government must reciprocate. That is the trade secret of loyalty of developed nations citizens to their countries. In my opinion, the revolution of the mindset are firstly one of the policies that will make government not to murder sleep and parents to also rest in peace at their old age in making hay while the sun shine A protest without the basic necessities of enlightenment and institutional human face policies both parental and government will produce more deficiencies. A stitch in time will not only make us to be proactive enough but will aso makes a great nation that will attracts both local investment and foreign investment towards a better Nigeria. Violence is an enemy of mental and physical construction of vision and mission statement of a great Nigeria. I humbly crave the indulgence of Nigerians beyond the shore of our fatherland to make Nigeria a great nation in all our engagement and arsenal.

Yours sincerely,

Afolabi Akinola

Lagos State Chapter Chairman, Nigerian American Group for Democratic support NAGDS

He can be reached @, via watzapp on 08034434757