July 25, 2021



Busola Dakolo did not go to court to win any case.

Her lawyers are not stupid. They knew chances were their case would be thrown out on such standard technicalities as this statute of limitation thing.

Even with the witnesses, it still would have been really difficult to establish that Biodun Fatoyimbo forced her to have sex with him, especially when he was not put on record admitting such. This happened 20 years ago. These are “eyewitness” testimonies, in a manner of speaking.

Even if she had gone the statutory rape path, that would have failed. She was 17. Pubescent. Her age mates can legally marry and bear children in the place it allegedly happened.

One cannot reasonably expect a judge to give a ruling that Fatoyimbo owed Busola an apology for allegedly raping her when it was still an allegation.

It remains an allegation because the criminal suit filed against Fatoyimbo is yet to be decided. If the courts have not proved that the defendant committed the crime, how then is he expected to make restitution?

I would demur at the line of “cruelty” used by the judge, but that’s just me thinking in lay terms of language. The judge was however right that it wasn’t justice in the strict legal sense that Ms. Dakolo sought. She wanted to be recorded as having accused her rapist in public.

She succeeded.

Forget the crowing of idiots who want to use this ruling to throw darts at their pet peeves. That’s just them being craven. Anyone who seeks to mock Busola and those who stand with her over this is just unintelligent scum. Do not join them in their dance of knavery.

Busola will NOT win this case in the law courts. I would be worried if she did, because legally speaking, this case is DOA. Our courts should not be seen as places where sentiments would rule over cold reason. If they become so shallow, we are all sunk.
Tomorrow it could be a case of a false allegation.

The courts have done their job. The ruling was sound.

It’s not over. Busola will easily pay the costs because even if for nothing, they made much more money from this publicity.

And just so we understand, the court did NOT exonerate Biodun Fatoyimbo. Busola Dakolo can continue to call him a rapist as she likes. If he doesn’t like it, let him sue her for defamation.

I challenge all who support the COZA pastor to urge him to arrest Ms. Dakolo and have her charged in criminal court for libel and slander against him. Let him prove that Busola is a liar.

We all know he will not.

This is how Busola has won. N1m is nothing to pay for this victory.

I know I did say this case was watery and would more likely fall apart every step of the legal ladder. I acknowledge that some people disagreed with my opinion. I would however be the most doltish of humans if I would use this turn to embark on “I told you so” imbecility in one-upmanship.

People who stood and still stand with Busola Dakolo may be wrong in their approach, but they stand on the right part of our shared human history. They affirmed a woman who was “foolish” enough to brave shame, be vulnerable and do what “foolish” people like the Rosa Parks of our world did: override caution and just say something. Anything.

I am happy that in my lifetime, a Nigerian woman with everything to lose, stood up and looked a man who had dehumanised her sexually and called him out.

As far as history is concerned, Busola looked one she knew had abused her in the eye and called him by what she had waited years to do:


The courts do not have to agree with her. No one needs to agree with her. The accused does not need to agree with her.

Rape is not a crime like others. It is a sociopathic condition.

The celebrity MC, Bovi spoke in the deepest of proverbs and the deep has called to the deep. “Penis shall rise again.”

A rapist will always rape.

Until they are stopped.

The person who raped Busola Dakolo when she was 17 will rape again. And again.

I don’t know who raped her. She says she was raped. I believe her.

Her rapist will not stop because her rapist is sick. Rape does not just happen. It is an outward manifestation of a terminal mental illness. A sickness can only be interrupted in two ways:

  • it will run its course through the patient’s natural life
  • a sudden interrupting force will collide with the patient and end both disease and container.

Either way, there will be an end to all affliction.

We will in the meantime, continue to argue, mock and clique up in camps of standing for and against.