This write up is a wake up call to the Nigeria Police authority on the recent increase in many worrisome activities of some bad eggs in the IGP XSQUAD, TACTICAL TEAM and other IGP related teams all over the country.

No doubt, Nigeria Police under IGP Adamu and his management team have witnessed an increase in good reputation through many successful and intelligently coordinated operations all over the country.

But quite unfortunately, many innocent Nigerians, off recent, have many bad stories to tell on their hellfire-like encounter with bad eggs of the IGP team who have turned many young and innocent business men into their ATMs. This bad eggs officers arrests at will, depending on how broke they are, cook up one very bad reason for the arrest, detain you anywhere they like and begin to coordinate how to empty your account through your family and friends who are already in serious fear.

Most recent is the case of one Raheem Ridwan, a car seller in Abeokuta. On Thursday 13th February, 2020 while trying to fuel his Toyota Muscle Car in a filling station and with a would be buyer, a team of IGP XSQUAD operating in Abeokuta and other southwest states, pounced on Mr Raheem Ridwan and his customer and arrested them on the allegation of investigating a written petition against some car dealers in Abeokuta.

A further report from the family as at 6am of Saturday 15th February, 2020 revealed the same IGP XSQUAD went to Mr Raheem Ridwan’s car sales point on Friday 14th February, broke into his car mart and drove away 3 different cars, a Toyota Corolla, Nissan Van and a Toyota Sienna Bus to Ibara Police Division while the initial Toyota Camry Muscle with him at the point of his arrest was driven and parked at Sagamu Police Area Command.

With no other allegation as at the time of writing this report, except the earlier mentioned investigation of a general petition, Mr Raheem was made to communicate with his family through his own phone which is under strict monitoring by the IGP XSQUAD, to raise the sum of #1.5m (One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira) for his release. The said amount is to be brought to Apata Area Command in Ibadan where the family were told to quickly bring the money in the morning of Saturday 15th February, 2020 before the team relocates.

The family had thought the team were acting under the directive of CP Oyo State Command but later heard the OC of the squad boasting that he takes directives from no one but his Oga in Abuja. On realizing that the family of Mr Raheem Ridwan had made contacts with CP Oyo State Command and the Area Commander Apata Area Command, both very professional and highly disciplined officers, the OC IGP XSQUAD in rage, told Mr Raheem’s family that his Oga in Abuja has directed that he brings all the suspects with him to Abuja.

The family who went to Ibadan, watched as the OC IGP XSQUAD moved their beloved one and his client from where they were unjustly detained in Apata Area Command since Thursday 13th February and taken to an unknown destination or better still, Abuja.

Since then, Raheem Ridwan’s phone has been switched off and he remains incommunicado till now. Several attempts also by his lawyers to reach him has also proved abortive. The family now fears that the OC IGP XSQUAD may now come up with cooked up allegations against Mr Raheem Ridwan to avenge their failure to get the #1.5m they demanded earlier from him.

A quick check on Mr Ridwan’s statement of bank transactions between Friday 14th and Saturday 15th February, will show how he was guided by the IGP XSQUAD, who have seized his phone since Thursday 13th to transfer money in 200 thousands to different family members who are expected to collect and bring the money to Ibadan on the morning of Saturday 15th February in cash.

While the family still believes in the ability of the Nigeria Police authority to facilitate an unconditional and quick release of Mr Raheem Ridwan who now appeared to have been kidnapped by the IGP XSQUAD, they seriously appeal to IGP Mohammed Adamu to ensure that bad and rotten eggs in the highly respected IGP XSQUAD are removed to prevent the IGP’s name from being bastardized and dragged into disrepute.

The said OC of the IGP XSQUAD who left Apata Area Command around noon on Saturday 15th February is an Ibo man who speaks Yoruba language fluently.