July 25, 2021

Popular Entertainment Giant and Owner of Planet 1, Shaka Momoh Dies of Covid19 Complications

Owner of planet one, a one-stop getaway and entertainment centre in Lagos, has succumbed to the icy claws of death via its agent -COVID-19.

Prince Shaka Momoh is an accomplished industrialist with a vision to use Commerce, Education, Evangelic outreach to inculcate moral rectitude and values into present and future generations thereby transforming lives from poverty to purpose.
To achieve this daunting task, the Prince started long ardours 24 year journey after graduating in business administration from Auchi polytechnic to establish several business enterprises with the view of setting up his commercial empire as the foundation that would drive his vision and mission.
Prince Momoh’s commercial interests include:
Hospitality Warehouse – a hospitality products wholesale company.
Baobab Edge Limited – a lifestyle company
Planet One Hospitality Company Limited is the “Happiness” concept of Prince Shaka Momoh – A hospitality solutions company with a mission to be the premier provider of happiness experiences in hospitality with an accent on “African.” This “InternAfrican” concept preserves the dignity of Africa’s eloquent culture in the world.
Basic Information and Communications System Limited (BICS) – a technology and ICT solutions company offering e-Government Solution, CRM, HRM, Outsourcing and Education & Training Solutions in Nigeria. BICS boast of international partnership with AYA Technologies AG (Switzerland), CustomerSoft (USA), Knovada (USA) and NIIT (India) to provide such global solutions with local address.
In line with his natural instinct to be the instigator and provider of solutions Prince Momoh has secured several business affiliations. These include:
NIIT (an Information Communications Technology franchise) in Abuja providing solutions in ICT professional training and certification and conducted various training programmes for the Ministry of Finance, the Presidency (Aso Rock), Office of the SSG of the Federation. It is also a major provider of faculty services to the Central Bank of Nigeria, and has concluded two European Union projects in Nigeria.
EHL (Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne): the Nigerian hospitality industry suffers from unstable labour force which is in turn responsible for gross inefficiency and lack of real productivity. This is primarily due to the culture of people who would rather pursue a carrier in Law or Medicine as the preferred pathway to a meaningful life, and on the other hand, hospitality industry lacks trained work force. In line with his vision for empowering human capital development and to inculcate probity, moral rectitude and values into present and future generations in Nigeria and West Africa through education, Prince Shaka Momoh saw this niche in the industry as a challenge for the mission. To fulfil his vision and mission the Prince formed partnership with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) the most famous and prestigious hospitability training institution in the world to run an academy – the Idova Hospitality Academy – which provides superior international standards in education and recruitment in the hospitality industry in Nigeria and indeed throughout Africa.
Prince Momoh has established the Baobab Foundation, which is an NGO dedicated to the deployment of some resources of his commerce arm and the soliciting of the participation of net-worth individuals, governments and international agencies to facilitate scholarship for education to support the least privileged of present and future generations and, through the outreach program.
Prince Shaka Momoh is an ardent believer and admirer of the life and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. This belief and knowledge forms the central fulcrum of his Vision and Mission in a unique way which is why the Prince believes in the utilization of modern technology, to propagate evangelism that seeks to inculcate the emulation of the exemplary life as taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ so as to transform lives for the benefit of humanity.
The Prince has the following awards and professional affiliations:
Merit Award – by the Californian State (USA) Senate and House of Representative (1997).
Member – Nigerian/German Chamber of Commerce
Member – Nigerian/American Chamber of Commerce
CBN Entrepreneurial Awards for the year 2009.