Police Find Bodies Of 2 Artistes In Lagos Studio, Arrest Manager

The police have recovered the bodies of two Nigerian artistes found dd inside a studio at the Alagbado area of Lagos State. The musicians identified as Ajibawo Lawal and Sunday Akhigbe were discovered dd on the morning of Thursday, September 10.
It was stated that the artistes performed all night but neighbours became concerned when nobody came out of the studio in the morning and the generator was left working.

Guessing that something may be wrong, some people broke into the studio through the window and met the two artistes d**d while the studio manager and one other person were found unconscious.

When a search was conducted inside the studio, some things like the generator, protection, bread, food that the deceased vomited, and hard substances were found, fuelling speculations that they might have died from fumes or effects of the substance.
Meanwhile, the owner of the studio, who has now been arrested, admitted that he hired the artistes and kept them in the workstation to produce music for him.