July 25, 2021

Pathetic Massacre Of Our Fellow Patriot In South Africa

He was born 2nd June 1979 – 7th October 2016,This is hideous news of a pathetic massacre of our fellow patriot who left the shores of Nigeria for a greener pasture in south Africa where he met his untimely death in the most unmerciful manner in one of the horrible suburbs of the country called Marrabastad in Pretoria South Africa.

Olufemi Adeniyi Olumoko was killed by some hoodlums in this area of Marrabastad in Pretoria South Africa, Because of a cigarette. One of this hoodlums sent a little boy to get a cigarette from a cigarette stand were it’s happened to be a Nigerian guy that owned the cigarette stand(olufemi adeniyi olumoko).Then Olufemi Adeniyi Olumoko refused to give the little boy the cigarette because he was under age.The little boy went back to tell the hoodlums that sent him.that,The Nigerian guy refused to give him cigarette.

The hoodlum went to collect the cigarette from the cigarette stand of Olufemi Adeniyi Olumoko by him self and light up the cigarette without paying Olufemi Adeniyi Olumoko.

Olufemi Adeniyi Olumoko has to Stand up to collect his money from the hoodlum. During that process of asking for his money for the cigarette the hoodlum bought.

The hoodlum has to bring out a knife and starbed Olufemi Adeniyi Olumoko. Then the rest of the hoodlums came and started starbing Olufemi Adeniyi Olumoko till he lost his breath and Died.