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N10 Million Ota Library Equipment; respond to allegation, or face public odium – Salako fires Sen. Gbolahan Dada*


31st May 2021.

The allegation against former Senator of Ogun West, Gbolahan Dada over a ten million naira appropriated for Ota library equipment has over the weekend generated cold confrontation between the senator, and a sensational political pundit, Azeem Oladimeji Salako.

It would be recalled that Salako had privately requested for the details of the project from the ex Senator who in turn responded with vitrol.

In response, Comrade Salako fired back noting that the Senator owes his constituency appropriate feedback with the position he held in trust for them for four years.


Sen. Gbolahan Joseph Dada,
Ota, Ogun state.

*Re- Ten Million Naira of Library Facility; Open Letter on Senator Dada’s Highfalutin Arrogance – last chance to do the needful*

1. Further to the letter dated, duly, and personally received by you on 28th May 2021, with the subject *” Request for Clarification On the Sum of Ten Million Naira Reportedly Received by you in your Capacity as the Senator Representing Ogun West Senatorial District to Equip Ota Library with Generator, and Books”* , and your ignoble, patently melancholic, and rather tangential response to the mail on same day, wherein you acted in the typical supersilious, and bellicose manner of Nigeria politician when probed for accountability, stating that I should rather be more productive, and, add value, rather than being sceptical of a past administration.

2. Ordinarily, my kind of person in the first instance would have written you openly but I painfully decided not to do so for two (2) major reasons;

(a) I am sensitive to the fact that you belong to a Royal family in Ota, and your father Oba Timothy Talabi Dada once reigned as the Olota of Ota between 1954-1992, an exalted Royal stool I guard jealously (b) To give you a benefit of the doubt, for which my letter instructively reads “seeking clarification”.

3. In spite of your deliberate, mischievous, and expectedly suppressive response, I would still not have giving to your taunts but for your taunting statement, which boisterously stated; ” therefore, I chose to ignore your mail for now, and any future ones”. It was for this major reason I concede to write you openly since you have determined to bar other means to distinguishly, and honorably engage you to a logical conclusion.

4. The ninth paragraph of my private letter to you being the crux of the correspondence was clearly unambiguous. It innocuously seeks clarification with the following questions;
(a) I will like to know if it was true that you received the sum of Ten Million Naira for the purchase of books and generator for Ota library.
(b) If the above was true, I will want to have details on the location of the Ota library you equipped.
(c) The evidence of purchase and delivery of these equipments.
(d) In the event that the Premium Times report (attached with my mail to you) which contained the over two hundred million naira appropriated for you in 2018, for which part of it was allocated for the Ota library is false, a public disclaimer on the said report should be imminent.

While I expect a reciprocating, cum unequivocal response to these simple questions, you decided to create controversy, and with a clear intention to avoid the major issues by resorting to sheer arrogance and baseless bureaucratic redtapism, by asking me to *” go and check if these projects were executed or not across Ogun West, and then telling me to direct my mail to the supervising ministries that awarded and approved the projects”*.

5. First off, one wondered if I have information on the supposedly Ota Library, and yet asked you about the what, how, and where the library facility you purportedly equiped was. Secondly, it was your person who nominated the said projects under your Zonal Intervention Projects, thus, conventionally, most of the executing companies are also nominated by you being the Lawmaker. Therefore you are in the best position to know the questions I have duly directed to you.

6. May I respectfully inform you Mr. Dada, that I was taken aback by your attacks to a simple request for clarification. However, since it appears that you are suffering from selective amnesia, it is necessary to remind you that you are till now a public servant whom we voted for. Therefore it behooves you to respond clearly and responsibly to clarifications on your stewardship. Furthermore, you should note that demand for probity, transparency and accountability is a decent way of being “productive” and “adding value” in any civil society.

7. In line with the foregoing, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt to within fourteen days to this letter responsibly respond to the hitherto germane questions that borders on the ten million naira appropriated for equipping the Ota library under your administration as senator representing Ogun West senatorial district, and this must be answered without any form of equivocation, or further provocation that can escalate this simple civic engagement to a litigious proportion that can bring you to national and international odium and disrepute.

While expecting your timely response, accept the assurances of my highest regards.

Azeem Oladimeji Salako MCPA.