At the 13th Woman of Great Influence (WOGI) Convention Organised by Sanctuary of Power International Church (SOPI CHURCH), Ejigbo, Lagos, where woman of class from different walks of life gathered to do justice to the theme,”LEGACY OF A WOMAN”, disciplinarian Divisional Police Officer of Ejigbo division, Chief Superintendent of Police, Olabisi Okuwobi, Said that all women who joke with the roles as key character moulders of the family will regret at last when their children misbehave socially and bring shame upon them.
             In line with the theme of the conversation convened by Pastor Derayo Arinola, Okuwobi, without mincing any words, pointed that the role of mothers in ensuring good moral or behavioural standard in the offsprings of the family can never be over-emphasised owing to their pivotal roles in the family circles and the society at large as home and nation builders.
               She stressed that there is need for morhers to reflect good conduct, mannerism and lifestyle, and inculcate same in young ones to forestall future regret, and to avoid being one of the supporters of social insanity traceable to homes .
             Warning mothers, Okuwobi noted that it it would hurt any mother if she looks from the window of eternity and finds one or more of her children roasting and groaning in hell as a result of an unguided life.
            Okuwobi however urged mothers and woman in general, to work towards leaving a good legacy as they exhaust their time on earth, as all -time role models.
              Another guest speaker, pastor Ahikuemenlo Shalom, after listening to CSP Okuwobi,  described her as a super woman that the Nigeria Police ever had; referring to her as one square peg in a square hole, needed in the security arrangement of Nigeria as things presently stand.
               VONN reporter, gathered that, pastor Shalom also warned mothers to watch their early introduction of artificial and worldly ways to their young female Children through application of make-up and cosmetics to adorn them unnecessarily.
            She affirmed that alone is a dangerous early introduction to fake living and lustful pleasures.
By  Princess Agbonifo