Meet The Man Behind Biden Victory ln US Election

Meet Jim Clyburn, the man that made Biden presidency possible!

From a campaign that almost collapsed to fighting Trump for the presidency. The former vice-president lost the first three primaries but victory in South Carolina set him up as the alternative – and antithesis – to Trump! When the House majority whip, Jim Clyburn, endorsed Joe Biden ahead of the South Carolina primary it effectively set off a series of events that resulted in the former vice-president trouncing his rivals in the Super Tuesday primary contests
on Tuesday night. Before Clyburn’s endorsement, Biden’s lead in South Carolina had shrunk to single digits. It was an ominous sign for a candidate who underperformed in the first three Democratic primary contests and whose campaign stressed that South Carolina would serve as a firewall.
With just days to go before the 29 February primary, Clyburn hadn’t endorsed anyone and every candidate wanted it. He is the highest-ranking African American Democrat in Congress and an influential figure in his home state of South Carolina. Clyburn, before his eventual endorsement, conceded that Biden’s rivals were gaining ground.
On the President Elect’s speech last night, he fully recognized the role Clyburn and black Americans played to get him where he is.