Meet Lagos State CP Mr Fatai Owoseni.

After he was named the new Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, recently, many people felt an unknown crime fighter was coming on saddle. In fact, some concluded that the new man will definitely operate on a strange terrain little knowing that an eagle has landed. The new police boss in the state, Commissioner of Police, Fatai Ajani Oweseni, has an intimidating resume and background, having traversed almost all the nooks and crannies of the country doing police work. This is coupled with sterling achievements he recorded during his postings overseas. These he has brought to bear in Lagos, reputed not be an easy beat to police.

Lagos CP, Fatai Owoseni When you were announced Commissioner of Police, Lagos State command, what was your immediate reaction, taking cognizance of the fact that Lagos is a very volatile state?
As with every other posting, every police duty comes with its own peculiar challenges. When the posting to Lagos came, I was like we are going onto the field, we have been part of what is happening in Force Headquarters in broad view of what is going on in the country and Lagos state. To also come and work in the field and put into practice some of the ideas that we have gained working with senior officers, and under their guidance at Force Headquarters, it’s like coming to put them into practice in the state.

How do you view the challenges ahead generally?
There are always challenges in the world all over. In every assignment you have, there will always be challenges. So, while looking at the challenges, I also have the attitude that they are not insurmountable.

What should Lagosians expect from you in terms of fighting crime, and with what new innovations?
Policing worldwide is changing strategies and the methods with which policing is carried out around the world are changing. It is more of being pro-active now as the Inspector-General of Police has rolled out the policy thrust of his own administration. It is about more engagement and partnership with non-state actors and members of the community in policing the country. It is more about deploying technology to address the issues of crime and criminality.