The popping off contemporary art yard in Cote d’Ivoire is a dynamic and diverse one, with extraordinary talented and passionate artists using their work to reflect the continent’s art diversity, natural beauty, and long history. There are a growing number of exceptional independent art galleries across the continent promoting and exhibiting the best of African contemporary art.

And the icing on the cake is the berthing of the newest kind of Art workshop owned and founded bynation’s leading personality in the art world, Corine HAZOUME, founder of Cer-Afrique. Cer-Afrique houses L’Esprit Cerafrique as a brand name that sees to the organization, planning and commercialization of the Art workshop, in the artisanal village of Plateau, boulevard lagunaire. This counter dedicated to ceramic art, pictorial art, fashion and gastronomic delights will be the mirror of Ivorian and African creativity. For Art and Fashion enthusiasts who will make the trip in this relaxing setting on the edge of the lagoon, the famous ceramist has planned: morning pastries accompanied by coffee or hot chocolate and from noon, canapes and a non-alcoholic cocktail.   

There is undeniable attraction as the Art Shop gets classy magnificent opening December 5, 2020, showcasing prominent artists and up-and-coming creative talents. It is a pronouncement of art culture, reflecting economic and social status in its design and display. The intellectual creative minds look seemingly to the gathering that transmits ideas and values inherent in every art across space and time. The workshop is a role through time, acquiring more of an aesthetic element telling the story of socio-educational display and intellect.

In Côte d’Ivoire, artists and craftspeople are the breeding ground for the cultural art economy. This new space will allow them to exhibit and sell their works. Since 2007, Corine Hazoumé has traveled the world to promote African Art, Handicrafts and Culture. The Esprit CerAfrique Art Shop will be for her yet another opportunity to bring Handicrafts to baptismal fronts.

The gallery’s interior is planned to enjoy a beautiful paintings and sculptures exhibiting the artwork of different artists. It is a focal point amongst the artistic community in Cote d’Ivorie budding art scene. The gallery also provides art consulting services and runs a craft shop selling art Handicraft, statues, traditional art craft, locally designed art and recycled display.

This Art Shop exhibition is friendship that can be seen as a fluid sociality which constantly demands attention and business.