Monday October 26, 2020, Ilorin, Nigeria:
The Kwara Development Foundation, KWADEF has condemned the arson and looting of public and private assets which swept through Ilorin, the Kwara State capital over the weekend. The Foundation also takes exception to the subsequent politicization of the dastardly acts of lawlessness by a section of the elites and sues for peace to allow for the much needed development in the State.
The group in a statement signed by its President, Dr. Kolawole Afolabi and Publicity Secretary, Oluwasegun Abifarin recalled that in the early hours of Friday, youths in their hundreds stormed a warehouse where the Covid-19 palliatives were kept by the State government, after which they also proceeded to invade and loot private businesses.
“We condemns the actions of the hoodlums and those already arrested should face the full weight of the law. We also commends the security agencies for acting with restraint in the face of provocation by the hoodlums. We will not support anyone or group hiding under any guise to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in the state.” It said.
The group maintained that the assertion by some political elites in the state justifying the arson and looting on the basis of hunger in the land is regrettable and remains a dangerous politics of playing to the gallery in the face of current national challenges facing the nation. “There is no amount of hunger that can justify and act of criminality which the looting of private and public assets represents,” the group insisted.
Kwadef also commended the gesture by the governor to set aside N500 Million fund to be accessed by victims of the arson and looting. “We commend the governor and stand in solidarity with the people of Kwara State in this challenging moment. This is not the time to play politics. It is a time for all hands to be on deck,” it said.
The group also maintained that the event of the recent days also present an opportunity for the political leadership in the country to address the socio-political dislocations that are fuelling the various agitations across the country.
“The state of security in the past few days has been challenging as we are still struggling to come to terms with the horror that befell our beloved country,” Kwadef maintained.
The Kwara Development Foundation, KWADEF is a non-partisan group of committed patriots and our intervention shall be non-partisan. Our focus is on Kwara and Kwarans in the collective struggle to chart a new path to prosperity and happiness.
Our focus is also to intervene and give direction to the people of Kwara state as we collective march towards the much-desired Promised Land where the long lost milk and honey will be found in an atmosphere of shared prosperity for all our people.