Ehiliz released new single and reveal new intervention strategy to save the youths

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EMC (Ehiliz Media Chat) is an annual event initiated by Ehiliz’s media manager, Mr Steve Akpos with objective to bridge the gap between the brand name EHILIZ and the general public by providing firsthand information regarding upcoming events and for effective brand management.
This year’s EMC reverberated the significance of the brand name “Ehiliz” a Nigeria veteran woman, an Africa popular gospel singer, TV presenter and philanthropist.

Ehiliz Media Chat 2020 was anchored on five points agenda, which are, The newly released musical video, The 2020 gospel live at Ikeja, Ehiliz Support Initiative (ESI), Vividtv project and Structured plan for the youth.
At summt, Mrs Elizabeth Ngozi Ehigiamusoe popularly called Ehiliz shared her joy of being a gospel artist while reaffirmed her first priority of winning souls rather than making money.
She talked about her newly released single titled “YOU ARE THE BEST”. Which is an expression of gratitude to God. Looking back from where she was and where she is today, the goodness of God in her life and during covid-19 pandemic which rocked the nations of the world, all she has to say is ” GOD, YOU ARE THE BEST”
The significance of the song cut across every language and tribes. It inspires us to always remember that God must be praised not only in a good time but also in a bad time.
Ehiliz likewise shared the testimony of one of her songs how a young man who wanted to commit suicide by hanging was rescued after listening to her song.

The young, at the point of taking his life, heard one of the Ehiliz tracked blasting from one of the neighbor’s apartment and the lyrics brought him to his right senses, minister hope to him and the young man repatriated his evil intention to kill himself because of a temporary problem, truly Ehiliz sings to save souls not only to making money.
Her newly musical video “YOU ARE THE BEST” is out for good to give hope to the hopeless, joy to the sorrowful and strength to the weary soul. It’s presently running on vivid view YOUTUBE Channel.
Menwhile, the brand name Ehiliz is not only significant as a gospel artist but also a presenter of a popular TV talk show, “VIVID VIEW WITH EHILIZ” a television program targeted on the youth with objectives to help them achieve their primary assignment and become great leaders.
For the past five years the program has been on national TV Channels, internet and Satellite protocols, touching lives and transforming destinies.
Furthermore, Mrs Ngosi Ehigiamusoe told the media representatives her plan to protect the future of the youths from fast decaying. “I have decided to come up with blueprint that will protect them from being used as tools of havoc and marginalized” said Ehiliz.

She also relays the four points strategies of achieving her vision which are Advocacy, Empowerment, Welfare, and scholarship for the youth.
More so, Ehiliz never leave a stone unturned. As she endeavored to succeed in her career, likewise she holds her family life in high esteem. She is a successful mother, wife and grandmother. Her children are good examples of godly heritage, well trained both academically and morally.
However, her social life is also a sunlight. Her achievement is not limited to the benefits of her family alone and as a philanthropist, several youths enjoy benefits of the support offer by EHILIZ SUPPOT INITIATIVE (ESI).
In a nutshell, the chronicle of Ehiliz is a complete expression of the significance of her single “YOU ARE THE BEST” the spirit of appreciation to the Master of Universe and the giver of all the good things of life.
Receive hope and happiness as you connect to the source of life, Jesus Christ through the inspired lyrics and melodious voice of a woman with heart of gold.
In conclusion, let us remember God’s faithfulness and mercy at this crucial period of post covid-19 pandemic and join Ehiliz to sing GOD, YOU ARE THE BEST”.