July 27, 2021

I Cheat Because My Cheating Partner Is Sweeter Than My Husband- Married woman Confesses (WATCH VIDEO)

Things are happening even though the system is not working in Africa. Two Nigerian Adulterers got caught during their intimate session and it’s trending.


In the video sighted by fillabase.com, two married people got busted whiles having sex and they were questioned on why they are cheating on their married partners.


The married woman answered she cheated on her husband because her adulterous partner’s sessions are sweeter than sessions with her husband.

She also added that she helps the man to do some house chores and the man gives her money in return.

The man could not answer why he chose to sleep with another man’s wife even though he is also married. He couldn’t offer any better explanation as he looked anxiously at those interrogating him and capturing the moment on their cameras.


They both looked shy but not remorseful of their adulterous actions even when caught on camera.

No one is judging them but we can imagine how their partners are feeling at this point especially as this video is massively trending on social media.