July 27, 2021

I AM YESHUA – A Narration As From Christ Himself!


The dramatic and evocative tone of this new revolutionary book is truly a wake-up to every Christian. The presence is so pungent that each time a reader holds the book in his hand, it is like Yeshua (Jesus) himself announcing his presence, which has all along been deluded and beclouded by our fixation on wrong doctrines and beliefs. So here, I welcome you to the world of I AM YESHUA written by Chidimma Osuchukwu.

The book is not your typical religious book written for the purpose of making money out of a congregation. The situation in the Christendom deserves more seriousness and that is one of the flaws this book has come to address. What is the state in the Christendom? Many are aware of obvious flaws, but due to mental lethargy and flagrant complacency, we would rather remain with the status quo. No one should blame we Christians, especially Christian theologians and opinion leaders. Such challenge also comes with untold toll on finances and even one’s prestige, but should we all keep quiet fold our arms, while we continually wallow in obvious ignorance? Someone has to step forward in the mould of Martin Luther to fight this cause and gladly, Chidimma Osuchukwu has released himself for this onerous task.

At times too the proliferation of false doctrines that many have grown to embrace may not be due to willful pursuit of it, but due to historical exigencies of translations and misinterpretation, which has distorted the truth in the Bible for most believers. Unfortunately, many including many religious leaders have followed the complacent path of doing it as it has always been and that is why we are where we are today – a generation steamed in biblical false doctrines and beliefs, with untold toll on the core of our faith as Christians.

In this 8 chapter expository book, Chidimma takes the reader through a journey of exposing and correcting some endemic foundational truths in the Bible, chronologically following the birth of the Messiah up to His death. (Lessons from birth and earthly ministry – It must have been love, it is not over until the very end). It is not just merely presenting the arguments, but also copiously supporting them in a compelling way, such that the reader is left with no option than to know the truth.

The first person narrative style of the writer makes the book a smooth reading, as it personalizes, the message, making it seem Christ himself is right beside you talking to you. The style however does not throw the truth in your face blatantly, but as Christ would say ’let’s reason together’ attitude. This is one of the beauties of this thought-provoking book.

In an age where many are afraid to stand up for the truth due to its many attendant persecutions, kudos must surely go to the writer of this 109 page revolutionary book, for once waking us from our biblical wrong doctrine lethargy and also doing it with insightful research and deep knowledge behind him.

A subtle warning however – if you are not comfortable with the truth. If you would follow the crowd even if they wrong, this book may not probably be for you!

Reviewed by: Kunle Abrahams (kunleabrahams046@gmail.com)

About the Author
Chidi is a gifted Messianic teacher and Bible scholar. By virtue of his profession, he is vastly travelled and has interacted with many scholars and thought leaders across the world. He currently lives in the beautiful oceanic city of Durban, South Africa. He is married to Blessing Osuchukwu and they are blessed with two intelligent boys, Benjamin and David.

Potentially 21st century’s most extraordinary book adequately excites cerebral and religious consciousness from a uniquely historical view point and narrative style entitled, ‘I AM YESHUA’ written by a revolutionary Torah (Bible) researcher, Chidimma Osuchukwu.

This book contradicts volumes of theological archaeology and teachings; exposing and correcting already swallowed up misconstrued ideas, philosophies and doctrines of the True Creator, His creation – comprising of the Heavens and earth, and of the Messiah whom the entire world knows as “Jesus Christ” even up to his death and resurrection account.
This writer’s insight and interpretation of the Holy Scriptures has already made him to be referred to as of the likes of the Martin Luther’s, the Wesley’s and other faith reformers who have stopped at nothing and as a result, changed their world.

These 109 pages bring about a battle of the mind for all faiths. It also awakens our consciousness to the truth from the current state of lethargy and gives us insightful deep researched knowledge which has been lost for thousands of years and its absence has wrongly sharpened the society and the world at large.

‘I AM YESHUA’ – a narration as from Christ Himself is the writer’s selfless service to humanity and a priceless gift for our understanding and professed faith in the Messiah sent to the world and His kingdom prophesied to come.

The story of Christianity’s rise to prominence is a remarkable one, but the traditional story of its progression from a tiny, persecuted religion to the established way of life years back needs some enrichment. The past few decades have witnessed a renewed awareness among modern Christians to the fact that a redirected attention need to get us from what we hear to what the fact are. This is something that has taken time for the modern Christian community to digest. Indeed I daresay it is still being digested. Part of this digestion process has involved taking a fresh look at Yeshua’s Old Testament name of Jesus as been popularly known today. If we consult the bible very well we will uncover ancient biblical truths that will put the records straight concerning our fellowship as Christians, even the religious observance on Sunday instead of the Shabbath.

One of the great, exciting discoveries for many Christians now has been the realization of the extent to which the bible informs and enriches virtually all of our gospel stories about Yeshua. This is not well understood in most faiths around the world, but slowly, the lights are going on as more and more people understand that Jesus Christ is not a foreign personality of a pagan religion, but Yeshua was His divine Hebrew name until the translatable characters universally received preferred translation of the name Yeshua. Latin was the preferred language of the Catholic Church, the Latin version of “Yeshua” was the name for Christ throughout even before the 1611 publication of the King James Bible.

In as much as all names are of eternal value, being spirit in nature, YESHUA is, no doubt, the name that the Savior is forever known by in Heaven, and must thus be accepted by all on Earth forever and ever. In so far as names are spirit, any change of name must necessitate a change of spirit. Do salvation seekers, therefore, see what danger there is in turning from YESHUA to Jesus? The question to ask is: Do “Yeshua” and “Jesus” get the same response or have the same effect or recognition in Heaven, when uttered on Earth? Is the spirit known as Yeshua the same as the one known as JESUS? Can any two spirits be the same? Anyway, why was the need for the change in name from YESHUA to JESUS?
Well, not only is it ridiculous for translators to do this, it is also unacceptable because all names and titles, despite the cultures they emanate from, must remain the same everywhere on Earth. They must never be translated. They should only be transliterated. So then, why would English translators treat differently the name YESHUA. The Hebrew title—HaMashiach—meaning “The Anointed One” is conferred on YESHUA by the Good Abba for mankind’s recognition, eternally. Sadly, this Hebrew title has become corrupted to “Messiah” in English in disregard of the fact that everyone is annoyed when his or her name or title is miss spelt, written wrongly, twisted, or pronounced crudely!

Yeshua did not bring a new religion known as Christianity. In fact, there was no religion known as Christianity until much later in Antioch when His disciples became known as Christians. Christ-followers were Messiah-followers, whether Jewish or Gentile. That is how the term Jewish Christianity came to describe Jewish Believers in Yeshua and the new covenant He brought. Let salvation seekers, therefore, beware of names and titles they have believed in their quest for the salvation of Elohim. There is ONLY one name into which Elohim has vested all His wisdom, and will, by which sinners are enabled to secure redemption from Lucifer and from evil influences; and made eligible to enter Heaven! The fact is, the Law of Moses was a gracious gift of Yahweh to a redeemed community!