Families Should Appreciate Their People In The Diaspora- Yeye. Kuye, US-based Nurse

Yeye Ibiyemi Kuye, a registered nurse based in the United States of America shares life experience and her view on the activities of Nigerians in Diasposra.

Even in her sixties Yeye Ibiyemi Kuye, a registered nurse and proud mother of her children still exudes a significant degree of charming splendour. Although she was born in Ikoya, a village in Okiitipupa, Ondo State, Nigeria, but she was brought up in Ibadan, Oyo State, where she had her primary and secondary educations.
With determination, focus, self-discipline and divine assistance helped young Ibiyemi was able to scale through her educational odyssey. She lost her mother, princess of the Abodi of Ikaleland dynasty, Ondo State in 2004. Her father died in 2007 when she was in already in the USA. Yeye Kuye says she is grateful to God for His faithfulness over herself and the children, whom she had raised with the support her beloved late mother.
She attended St. Louis Grammar School, Mokola Ibadan and subsequently, went to School of Nursing, Ondo State in 1976. She graduated in 1978 and has been practising as a registered nurse. She worked at Ekiti General Hospital, Oke-Imesi, Ekiti State, and was later transferred to UCH Ibadan, where she retired in 1994. After retirement, Yeye Kuye took to trading of fabrics. She sells laces and Guinea brocades, ” and I get my supplies from Austria and London “, she said.
With support from her mother, Yeye Kuye raised her two boy-children and made sure they had sound education. Today, she is a happy mother. The first son, Fisayo, an attorney, attended Harvard University, while the second, a estate developer, had his first degree at Rutgers University, New Jersey, both in the USA. The two have their families and they practise their respective professions in the U.S.A “Like I said I have two boys, two men. They are grown and they have their families, one

is Fisayo and the other one is Lekan. Fisayo is an attorney, Olalekan is a developer, he buys houses, rebuilds it and put it in market. That is his own business. Fisayo is in partnership with Ryan Law firm. They have their families. Fisayo has two kids, a boy and a girl. Olalekan has two boys. I am very grateful to God for my life and the lives of my kids.”
In appreciation for what their mother has done in their lives, the children, in 2004, relocated their mother to the United States.” I relocated to America in 2004 on the invitation of my kids, I had to do the examination for the nurses, and by the grace of God I passed and since then, I have been practicing as a nurse over here”, she said.
As if that is not enough, the children shocked their mother with a surprise air ticket on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem as part of 60th birthday presents. “I performed the pilgrimage to Jerusalem when I turned 60 on the ticket of my kids. It was even a surprise gift. They did the booking, ticketing, accommodation and on top, I had an extra money they gave me for shopping. It was my 60th birthday and I appreciate it. I love my kids. I love them.”
In her fifteen-year stay in United States, Mrs. Kuye said Nigerians in the Diaspora have proved to be very industrious. Hear her: “In Diaspora, Nigerians here are very, very hardworking. She said some are even work outside their scope and they are doing fine. Sadly, she said there are Nigerians who are engaging in dishonest endeavours and other criminal acts.

“In Diaspora, Nigerians here are very hardworking, there are some that are doing the shortcuts, if you see anybody coming to Nigeria to build three to four houses, then, there is something behind it, but nonetheless, there are hardworking Nigerians.

Very hard working, the fasts ones are the ones that are making us look like fools. Like we don’t know what we are doing here, but come to think of it they are doing something else. ” For such Nigerians, Yeye Ibikunle has this advice: ” I will advise the Nigerians here in America just to do whatever they can do that will make them happy. If they go out of the scope of what they are doing, they can, if you can help your family back home, if you know you are fit enough to do it, you do it, if you can’t leave it, there is nothing you can do”.
She also urged families back home not to put undue pressures on their people here as they could push them to go into crooked acts. “I will like to advise family members back home, even if they give you a farthing it is out of their sweat, you appreciate it.”, she said.
Her piety and devotion to church activities may have prompted Most Superior Michael Obayangban, Shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ, CCC, Miracle and Peace Parish, Dallas, USA to make her chairperson of 2019 Adult Harvest of the church.