July 25, 2021


Edubox Global partners with one of the Leading Organizations for Google for Africa (Mind the Gap) which has currently empowered over 2000 youths in Africa, also in a bid to bring about development and growth in Africa also fulfilling its mandate as an organization.

The empowerment programmes was on Digital Development which was held in three Africa countries; Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia have provided participants with educative and creative skills to keep them enlighten in the world of digital technology and also to propel them to be global leaders in the digital world.

Edubox Global is achieving its organization objectives not just in Nigeria but round Africa which is to help position students in tertiary institutions and youths to be relevant in their societies, wards and to the entire world at large by supporting their academics and also empowering them with the essential skills needed for nation’s growth.

In 2020, The foundation will further spread it tent across other Africa’s countries by organizing more training programmes and also providing scholarship for students in tertiary institutions who are intelligent and willing but do not have the financial capacity for the digital skill acquisition.

The foundation also looks forward to providing learned and unlearned skill acquisition centres for youths and young adults by partnering with more international bodies toward ameliorating human condition on society.