When Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) was at the Senate, his projects were feasible and they are very much on ground till now Which he is ready to do more.
From this it is very evident that Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) has come again to achieve more Which he has Started

The man whose his track records are unprecedented.
A man who within the Short time he resumes to Senate he has added his voice to the Progressive minded to move motions and Bill’s that has been very massive among them is the Revitalizing of Ajaokuta steel Complex, employment opportunities for the teeming Youths, Construction and maintenance of roads, upgrade of College of Agriculture Kabba to full fledged Federal University Agriculture Kabba.
Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) is a man who is always for the progress and development of his Constituency and beyond.

The Kogi Westerners are feeling the tremendous and massive impacts of DSSA which touched virtually every aspect of live of his Constituency.
DSSA is a man of track Records and impeccable character.

Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) is an epitome of humility and outstanding representation, he is a voice to the voiceless, an embodiment of knowledge.

Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) is an icon.
He is a man with large and pure heart.
He is not a tribal bigot. When he was at the Senate, he reached out to people outside his constituency which shows how magnanimous he was and iam Very Optimistic that again more feat will be achieve in that regard.

DSSA is a straight forward personality, highly principled and very faithful. A very proactive and outstanding in all ramifications, he is an epitome of good representation, vibrant, articulate and very mature in his approaches to issues of national importance.

DSSA is a crusader of progress who wants others to grow, he is a pragmatic, an enigma, who has empowered many people across board by facilitating Federal and States Jobs in Ministries and Parastatal and dolling out monetary aids for sustainable societal values.

He is a man of integrity with unquestionable characters.
He was a President of a reputable organization, Nigeria union of Journalists for good 8 years with a standout performance and excellent records.
His monument achievements was second to none.

His first tenure craved way for his second chance as a result of his steerling accomplishments to the organization.
he was a senator of Kogi West for good 8 years with an enviable track records of performance which are still very glaring and he is set to do more Which we have Started seeing them again in the 9th Senate.

Atari Ajanaku 1 breeds many progressives minds,he is a facilitator of good things to his constituency and beyond with meaningful developments.

He is a respected personality within and outside Nigerian shore.
DSSA is a man who always wants the right thing to be done the right way and the right time.
As a legislator you must be acquainted with this 3 rudiments which are, legislation, representation, oversight, DSSA has shown himself worthy in the 3 aspects at the 6th and 7th Senate and ready to do more in the 9th Senate which he is already doing.

Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) is a household name, a well known Personality not only in Kogi State and Nigeria but across the globe.

Congratulations to Kogi Westerns as we can be rest assured of Qualitative representation, legislation and Dividends of Democracy in all facet’s.

The Slogan Still remains Redemption Towards Emancipation.