The young vibrant and gallant police officer DSP ADUROJA Akinola who was the former Admin Offficer, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) , Lagos State Command now the Officer in-charge (OC) Special Anti-Robbery Squad ( SARS ), Ajah area in Lagos State.

The award winning Master Tracker , DSP Aduroja in his humble service in Nigeria Police Force as admin officer SARS , guided by the authority and instructions of CSP Peter Gana OC, SARS Lagos State Command, his name and fortunes has continued to be on the rise not based on popularity, Aduroja enjoys Nigeria media based on his administrative efficiency, and continues to tackle and bring notorious and men of the underworld to book anywhere they surface in Lagos.
Thus, media ,friends and other officers were amazed over the sudden transfer of an unequivocal and dynamic officer like Aduroja ( Master Tracker) to a tough station with tough gangs hidden environment like Ajah. Going by DSP Aduroja Exemplary and outstanding performance in crime fighting, he sent a loud signal to the Nigerian underworld of his coming as their nemesis when he was instrumental to the arrest of some notorious gangs in Lagos under Closed watch of his boss , CSP PETER GANA.
Intrinsically, DSP Aduroja enjoys the administrative standard his boss Peter Gana put in place which make his office operation easy when he was admin officer in the Command. As a dynamic Officer, no one who has been a keen follower of the activities of SARS in the state will deny the fact that the curbing of gangs has largely reduced due to the ruggedness, doggedness, uncommon intelligence and dedication to the duty of this higly detribalised and patriotic Nigeria police officer per excellence.
Looking at Aduroja’s competency and score card so far; thus, he is fit for Ajah, such rough and tough environment which looks like criminals hideout.
In no doubt, confession with evidence of DSP Aduroja is surfacing as gangs in the areas are changing location over the few weeks he arrived at Ajah. 
Follow us for more of his achievements record at Ajah . DSP Aduroja Akinola Mr. Capable.