Teeming youths across the Oshodi area of Lagos have cautioned Ikeja Electric not to stir up another round of violence in Lagos State as normalcy is trying to return to the state.
Speaking to P.M.EXPRESS correspondent, one of the youth leaders, Leye Aderemi said, “We are calling the attention of the CDAs, Community leaders, concerned authorities in Oshodi and Lagos State, to the illegal disconnecting of the light of residents by Ikeja Electric based on the outrageous electricity bill with 100% increase in electricity tariff, which it slammed on residents”.
“We are all aware that the Federal Government had ordered the electricity company to halt such tariff increment but Ikeja Disco went ahead with such plan and now embarked on disconnection exercise since 4th November in Igbehinadun Ward and plans to extend it to other parts of our community.” 
“We’re yet to recover from the violence that followed the eventual hijack of the #EndSARS protest. Before the community and the restive youths will stand and defend the rights of their community, we implore the appropriate authorities, CDAs, community leaders, royal fathers and the Lagos State Government to quickly checkmate the Ikeja Electric officials to desist henceforth in order to prevent ugly situations, which can result to fracas on some streets because of volatility of our community.”
“Our youths are peace loving people but let the Ikeja Electric officials gauge the mood of the people and avoid stirring up violence in the state. We heard of free prepaid meters, which Government has directed the DISCOs to install in all communities but up til this moment nothing has been done in any part of Oshodi Community yet they are out to intimidate us.”
“Ikeja Electric should note that if Nigerians can stand up against Police brutality, standing up to stop their exploitation and intimidation is lurking in the corner.The youths and residents of Oshodi are ready to resist any disconnection based on the last outrageous bills not by violent means, but by simply refusing them to climb any pole on our streets or tampering with  transformer in our hoods. We’ll form vigilante groups to checkmate the intimidation of Ikeja Electric officials. Police brutality and Ikeja Electric intimidation are birds of same feathers and we must put an end to it too” Leye concluded.