By Afolabi Akinola

The Creation of man has always establish a bond inextricably demonstrated between a Mentor and Mentees.Man has a mental capacity to consciously and unconsciously make a choice and choose his own. Institutional choice can also be channelled for him by his society. There is a provision for tutelage in every stage of life. Menthorship has always be a strong connecting instruments in theory of greatness of man. Those who excels in their various occupation or profession has always had someone they look up to for emulation or acclimatization. Inspiration and aspirations has menthorship philosophy as custodian. For every step of man there is a step ahead of you by someone. Studentship has a continous Teacher.

Let me zero in on systemic and individual fire extinguishers. Menthorship is never negative. Role models are always positive but advisers can both be positive and negative. Bad company corrupts good manners. It is possible to be negatively influenced by bad friends,enviroment and inordinate ambition. Your habitat is a mirror of your standards and perception of life. There is a philosophical back up to the fact that WHEN YOU STAY SO LONG IN THE DARK YOU BEGIN TO SEE IN DARKNESS. Therefore, the consistency and constancy of what you are regularly doing becomes you in totality and entirety. What the eyes sees, the ear hears constantly the mind believes. Constancy is a chemistry of adaptation. Some environment and people are fire extinguishing.The mind can be programmed to fumigate negativity and embrace positivity. The mind has a password for construction or destruction. They have the arsenal to destroy not construct. Some innovation, ideas, talents, brilliance and ambition are completely burned because of the fire extinguishing environment and people they come across. Stars are known from conception of pregnancies. It is terribly sad that one of the indices of underdevopment of Africa which has resulted to braindrain is the systemic negations of our best in our environment We do not appreciates and patronize anything made in Nigeria, in sport, science, Arts, manufacturing goods, health care, education among others except made in Foreign countries. Systemic fire extinguishing is a negation of progress and advancement of society and man.

Summarily important, Mentees has a connecting teachable spirit that is attractive to mentors. Mentors are Eagles. Mentees has chemistry of endowment in connecting mentors and role models. The wisdom of greatness is for both to have an understanding that raising the young shall grow philosophy whether in politics, Arts, Science, sports and so on is an assignment for generational development. There is a difference between a Talkative and an Orator. You innate potentialities will identify your mentors. Identifying mentors is an assignment for whoever wants to grow today and tomorrow. Shun wrong companies. Listen to good music not nonsensical ones. On trial also is a nation that fails to deal with institutional fire extinguishing mechanism to lubricates the engine of her growth and development. The positivity of menthorship is real. The negativity of fire extinguishing system and people is real. The negativity of bad influence is damning. The choice is left for everyone of to either choose a mentor or fire extinguishers . Man is a product of his own choice. You are responsible for the consequences of choice and ways. The former is deodorizing and the latter is insecticides. Thanks

Yours sincerely

Afolabi Akinola
Lagos state Chapter Chairman of Nigerian American Democratic support Group NAGDS