Deadly As SARS, CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi-Led Lagos Task Force Another Monster That Should Be Disbanded

…. Goons Threaten Alleged Offenders With Guns,Knives

..Chased Many Motorists To Early Graves Just To Collect Bribes

…. Extorts, Diverts Fines Into Private Pockets

They are laws unto themselves. The vicious and monstrous Lagos State Task Force led by DSP Olayinka Egbeyemi is another monster like the disbanded SARS.

Egbeyemi, a cocky, rude police chief and his operatives are daily nightmares to Lagos motorists.

They operate with impunity, arrest motorists indiscriminately mostly without any offence just to extort.

They are armed to the teeth and often threaten with guns and knife under the directive of the recalcitrant commandant, Egbeyemi.

They are quick to hijack steering from alleged traffic offender and chase the owner while they drive away the offender’s vehicle without allowing the victim to pick any of his personal effects.

You dare not try to film the harassment and intimidation. You might not live to tell the story. They are that deadly. Lagos Taskforce is the twin brother of the dreaded SARS.

They have chased many to their early graves while trying to extort. This must end!

Egbeyemi and his gang rakes in millions of naira from largely innocent Lagos motorists. His Bolade-Oshodi office is a cesspit of fraud..

He has his syndicate on alert and their operation is seamless!

Fines ranges from 20k to 50k depending on the offence they slammed on motorists.

Alas, the syndicate collects these monies without issuing state government treasury receipts! Save for the release order paper bearing a stamp from Egbeyemi’s office.

The monies are diverted into private pockets.

To cover their dirty fraud, the release order paper is retrieved at their Yard in Alausa before vehicles are released.

Then, the thieving gang in Alausa Yard will collect additional N1k as ‘security fee’.

Findings reveal that no fewer than 500 vehicles are daily clamped down by the daredevil Egbeyemi’s goons and they are extorted with impunity.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu must show leadership by dismantling the LASG Taskforce and replace corrupt and wicked Egbeyemi with an urbane professional.

Lagos is proud of CSP Olatunji Disu, the head of Rapid Response Squad. He has remained a shinning example unlike Egbeyemi who is a reproach to the Nigerian Police Force.

Mr Governor sir, do the needful…
#DismissCSPOlayinkaEgbeyemi. Disband LASGTaskforce#