Chief Mrs Sade Okoya: Crystal of Beauty hit 41

It is rare combination of beauty, elegant and brain that you find in Chief Mrs. Folashade
Noimot Okoya (new Adeleye) born 25th April 1977. This date has remained a memorable
day among the Nigerian women of affluence. Though in the circles of the Creme de le creme,
many has expected that the adorable wife of Billionaire industrialist, Chief Razak Okoya
would have throne a lavish birthday party but, she decided not. Rather, spends earlier part of
the morning with her family to pray, worship and appreciate her creator for the gift of life and
his blessings.

Meanwhile in the spirit of the birthday celebration, the light skinned beautiful, fashionista
and successful business woman, Chief Dr. Sade Okoya dazzled in different new stunning
photo shoot with tongue dripping gorgeous dresses and assorted gold jewelleries alongside
her adorable children.

Many of her age long friends, wives of state Governors, top socialites, government
functionaries, high profile celebrities, media executives and families have took time out to
send her special Birthday messages and prayers; describing her as a nationalist, “she is a
nationalist, a true Nigerian, she blends in with every crowd. She should just remain the way
she is, elegant, brilliant and a pride to the nation”.

They painted her as the type of friend to keep, “She keeps in touch with old friends as much
as she makes new friends, practical and proactive; she is also blessed with a beautiful family
and wonderful children. We pray she celebrates centuries and we will be there to celebrate
with her.

Chief Sade is a testament that women are essential to nation building and development.
Women shouldn’t be relegated but hopefully Nigeria will get to the stage of other countries
giving women important roles in government and society” as they press forward for progress.
The graduate of Sociology from University of Lagos and also of Banking and Finance from
Lagos State Polytechnic has repositioned the Eleganza Group of Companies to a thriving
establishment since taking the helms as Managing Director.

It is of note that this amazon is respected among the rank and file and the top officers of the
company as an efficient, effective and excellent personality.

Unlike an average woman who will just relax after marrying a wealthy man, this woman has
not rested on her oars even married to a person in the calibre of Chief Rasak Akanni Okoya,
the Chairman of Eleganza Group. She resumes at the office as when due, goes about the
business of the day with tact and grit, and keeps the organization in perfect shape.

This is the marque of the influential and exemplary leader, caring mother and affectionate

We raise the glass in celebration of the iconic Shade Okoya on the occasion of her 41st

Long life and prosperity