Prophetess Gloria O. Bright is a typical example of Christian womanhood. This woman of unrelenting will is a great influencer when it comes to wining soul for God. The striking beauty of her spirit is in adherence to proclaim the glory of the gospel. Her faith and knowledge of God’s word spills over her spheres of life and ministry irrespective of her state of sight. This is what she told our reporters in her Lagos ministry among others…

Can you tell us about yourself?
By the grace of God, I am Prophetess Gloria Bright. I work in the vineyard of my heavenly Father. The name of the ministry is Salvation Healing Church and I am the founder. I am from Edo State. I spent years in European land before I was called to set the captives free.

At what point did you discover that you are called as a minister of the gospel?
The good news of Jesus Christ is that He took on flesh, lived a perfect life, suffered the wrath of the Father for the sins of His bride, was vindicated in His resurrection, and ascended on high to bring all things into subjection including me. Yes, some time ago, I met a sister who told me that the crisis I am having in my life is because I refused to answer the call of God. I told her I never knew about it. Then, after that, I had an encounter with God where He asked me to go for 21 days fasting and prayer and that was the turning point.
How would you honestly describe your disposition about the crisis in your life then?

I had so many issues while in far away Europe until the day everything came to the open and I was deported. everything worked against me no matter how hard I tried to get things going. It was not easy. It took God years before He could get me to fully understand the signs of my call in His ministry. The most painful of it all was when I lost my sister because of stubbornness to obey God. So, God thought me a lot of lesson before I was arrested.

Now, what are your biggest strength and the purpose of your ministry?
I pray regularly for the lost in my local community, and I strive to live a life that would show forth the gospel. Though I am not as bold as I ought to be but the joy of the Lord is my strength, I do seek to take opportunities to speak to my neighbors about the things of God when given opportunity. Fifteen years ago, Gloria Bright could not have imagined herself praying or preaching to an assembly of Africans. And that is what the ministry of Salvation Healing Church enjoys as its divine mandate, restoring hope for the hopeless; heal the sick, proclaiming the gospel of salvation, deliverance and miracles.

What do you believe your fundamental calling is as a minister of the gospel?
God have sent me off on a spiritual quest. I have always felt immersed in the radiance of divine love. I loved God, prayed fervently and enjoyed been part of what He is doing with Salvation Healing Church. To counter the attacks of the enemies and to liberate the oppressed. It must also follow a set of clear ethical and moral guidelines as a Prophetess.
What was it like actually now as the Founder of Salvation Healing Church?
It’s been great and wonderful. The ministry marks her 10th anniversary this year in appreciation of God’s faithfulness over the church. The church now boasts of branches and a camp at Ogun State. It has not been easy, but it is God’s work. Initially it was like a dream, but I praise Him. The church is growing; you can see the hand work of God. We have branches now, people have been testifying to the wonders of God. He has taken HIV away, sicknesses; and has given people breakthrough among other things He has done. He has been glorifying Himself and more people are testifying. What God told me is that the ministry will move worldwide. He has spoken and I believe it will come to pass. The fact is that we can’t tell how He is doing it.

What do you believe is the function of church? How would you see that function best served?
A good nation should be able to thrive on morals. Preachers should condemn the rate of worldliness in the church today. Christianity is all about faith; they should talk more on salvation, holiness and hell fire. Salvation first, you must seek the face of God first. He alone is God. Salvation first. We must make sure we do the right thing; we preach the truth to the world. Just like I said earlier, Heaven is real. Those that have turned it to commercial work, God is coming and God will reward them. And I pray that God will reward them.

Given the situation in the country now what is your advice to Christians and the Nigeria over insecurity?
Christians should remain focused in the earthly pilgrimage, and also to continue to rely and trust God only and never put their trust in man. If God can continue to do wonders given the state of my sight even in this ministry for years, then His will must be done. May His name alone be glorified? And remember no one can question God. He knows what He is doing. He is ever ready to glorify Himself in the troubles facing the country. Mr. President and Religious Leaders must go for national prayer. They should remain focused and thoughtful and listen to advice, especially from religious leaders.