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Buhari May Be The Last Constitutional President In Nigeria — Prophet Gbujie 



Godrey Gbujie a prophet without a particular denomination, but politically connected, having visited more than four Nigerian Presidents in Aso Rock. His area of prophecy is raising the alarms and warning Nigerian leaders to desist from committing crime and worshipping idols. “Another civil war is in the making which will make President Muhammadu Buhari to be the last constitutional President”, he said in an interview with CHRISTIAN NWOKOCHA, ASABA.




He said that “There shall be spo­radic violence until full inter­vention and divine manifesta­tions. That is where we are and to me, there’s nothing strange about what is going on now. All these will snowball into the second unavoidable Nigeria’s revolutionary .civil war which remotely stated in Thursday, October 1, 2020 and war will last for about three years. .




“I am sure you are aware of the #Endsars protests and you are also aware of the revolution now. These two were national­ly endorsed via body language of millions of Nigerians. The same period for the first time, Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) called for a sit-at-home in pro­test against the Nigerian Gov­ernment. In Odua’s call, IPOB joined them in solidarity”. While responding to the allegation of informing the government late as 2017, when he saw the prophesy in 2009, he said ” This prophecy started in 1995, including the prophecy concerning President Muham­madu Buhari’s administration. The character called Buhari, his aim and how his adminis­tration will end. The only thing was that God commanded me to publish it in 2009 and distribute it free of charge.” ALSO READ:  30,000 Minimum Wage: No going back on Industrial Action Meanwhile, he was asked in an interview on why God decides to destroy Nigeria through Buhari, he said ” Yes. That is the nature of God. Anytime he wants to de­stroy a nation, he will use an ungodly or wicked ruler.” ”



No. Instead, God wants to de­liver the Igbos from the hands of the Fulanis and the rest of Nigeria. Not getting the Pres­idential slot in 2023 is in Igbo interest and will serve as a sac­rifice or exchange for Indepen­dence. God really wants to use this opportunity to deliver the Igbos and along the line to deal with the old ungodly leaders in Igbo land.”