BOHA Awards CSP Ibrahim Mohammed the Commander of the Defunct SARS

The 9th Assembly of the Borno State House of Assembly this morning honoured and awarded CSP Ibrahim Mohammed for his gallantry and efforts toward the restoration of peace and counter insurgency operation in the State.

In today’s sitting presided by the Deputy Speaker Engr. Abdullahi Askira recognised the gallantry of the Commander of the Defunct SARS.

Citations of his numerous gallantry activities, achievements and attacks repels such as; the recent attack on the Governors convoy at Baga, repelling attacks at in the Maiduguri Metropolis, Bama, Auno, Damboa among others which show his valour and patriotism. The House extended the gratitude of the good people of Borno, and the defunct SARS for their gallantry and services towards counter Insurgency.

He was warmly accompanied to the chamber of the House by his Family, Friends, Officers, Surbodinates, and Well Wishers.

Borno Community Watch (BCW)