July 29, 2021

Bayelsa: PDP Lost To APC, Security Agents Conspiracy Not Party Leadership

By Alhaji Abimbola

The conduct and outcome of Saturday’s governorship election in Bayelsa state opens a new chapter in Nigeria’s political history as things unprecedented happened.

Followers of political development in the country could not argue the fact that elections in Bayelsa among few red spot states has always been volatile and bloody but what happened in the build up to and the actual happenings during the November 16 governorship poll is a desecration of democratic norms and ethos.

Without being politically bias, keen followers of political development in Nigeria would disagree with the erroneous belief that PDP lost the poll to the ineptitudeness or compromise of the leadership of the party.

Leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party under the chairmanship of Prince Uche Secondus has been seen to be fair and transparent in the conduct of party primaries to select PDP flag bearers for different elective positions.

The conduct of the 2018 presidential primaries that produced Slhaji Atiku Abubakar as PDP candidate in the February 23, 2019 presidential election is still a reference point in the annals of Nigeria’s party primaries.

Before and after the Port Harcourt convention, the party leadership has conducted less controversial governorship primaries in states where isolated elections were conducted.

So, therefore, it would be wrong for anybody to blame the lost of the PDP governorship elections in both Bayelsa and Kogi states on involvement or otherwise of the national leadership of the party in the primaries processes

The National Chairman of PDP, Prince Secondus has always at any given opportunity reiterated his commitment to make the party better than he met it and to pilot a leadership that will be impartial as much as possible.

Reports from foreign and local election observers that monitored last Saturday polls attested to the level of impunity that greeted the elections with high level of violence, killings, harrassment of voters, denial of journalists and election observers rights to carry out their duties and most ridiculous, the involvement of security agencies in perpetrating electoral sacrilege.

There were confirmed reports of people killed in both states, ballot boxes snatched APC thugs, voting proceedings disrupted by hoodlums results falsified by phony agents and result configured financially induced INEC officials.

All these confirmed claims by PDP field agents that genuine votes cast for our candidates did not count, rather prepared results by INEC were released to the public and wrong persons were declared winners .

Therefore, it would be incorrect for anyone to attribute PDP’s lost in both states to failure of party leadership.

Like we have done in some states, the party will surely reclaim its mandate through legal means at different election petition tribunals.