Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere Was Conferred With A Chieftaincy Title Of Agbaakin Of Yorubaland

Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere was conferred with a chieftaincy title of Agbaakin of Yorubaland in Ibadan, Oyo State, guests and other well-wishers express their feelings as well as advice.

Bobagunwa of Yoruba land. Those that are not here have missed a lot. I feel so honoured and happy to be here.

We have been shouting from London, up to Spain we told them wonders will happen here today. The wonders are happening now.

We just started.

Akola Wole Olootu: We have been expecting this title for a long time. We are thankful that at last, God has approved that Abass Akande Obesere has been bestowed with the chieftaincy title of Agba Akin Bobagunwa Yorubaland. I will urge the youths and up and coming music artistes to be hardworking. Obesere got this title through his hard work.

Saheed Osupa: I am very happy about the traditional title conferred on Abass Akande Obesere. He got the title in his hometown. I will advise that now that he holds a chieftaincy title, he needs to be careful and do things with more maturity.

This is an honour well-deserved. I have known Abass Akande for quite some years when I was very young. We grew up in the same area in Ebute Metta, since then, I have known him to be a very kind-hearted person and for this kind of honour, whoever deserves it must be a very kind-hearted person. So it must be a well-deserved honour. My advice is that it is not much of the honour but what you impact on the people when you have receive honour. For those looking forward to this, you will get honoured, but what is important is to make positive impact on people after you have been honoured.

Ajibola Aderemi- In Vogue Creations: We thank God that everything went well as we expected. Agba Akin Abobagunwa Yorubaland, is an high-class chieftaincy title. We thank all the royal heads. Starting from our royal majesty Olubadan of Ibadan, King Saliu Adetunji, and the wives, they are all happy. There are more title. We are still coming from London to get some other titles. We thank God. This is not the first title he has been bestowed with and already, he knows how to relate with people. He is humble, once you are humble that is all. May he enjoy the new title with long life and good health, alongside his wife .

He is a great entertainer. He has been contributing to nation building in his own way and that is why he was so honoured.

If you don’t forget, the late music icon, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister held that title last. But we now upgraded his own to Yoruba land today. You can see the prominent traditional rulers on seat that cut across the six states of the southwest.

Obesere has been contributing to cultural upbringing of Yorubaland in general. So that is why we deemed it fit to confer on him Agba Akin Bobagunwa of Yoruba land. My advice to other music artistes is to be good. They should know that people are watching and we as royal fathers, and fathers of the nation, they are children , we honour them not that they have anything to give us monetarily, but because they have been doing good to upgrade our cultural heritage.

Alhaja Kafayat aya Bobby : It is a great title. Before we were expecting Agba Akin of Ibadan land, but they believed that ‘Papa’ is more than that. Now, it is Agba Akin of Yorubaland, so any other Agba Akin in under him. My advice to him, already ‘Papa’ is well-cultured, well-behaved, very kind and respectful to all-both young and old. Now that he is an Agbaakin, he will need to be more elderly in his approach to things.

I am very happy for him. We give God the glory for everything that has happened in Obesere’s life. He deserves this chieftaincy title. So, one of the best things that can happen to anybody is for the king of your hometown to recognise you.

I am so happy for him for this. Sky is his limit. We all know the importance of chieftaincy title. I believe up and coming artistes should emulate him. There is no level that music cannot take you too. Don’t just sit down and think I might not attain to this kind of level. No. Once you keep doing the right thing, be humbled.

Obesere: I am very happy. When an unexpected blessing comes your way, you give thanks. It is a great thing that I have become the Agbaakin of Yorubaland today. My advice to others is that God has made me a model. One must be meek, humble, not proud, and be industrious in your chosen profession or trade. Don’t ever believe that somebody can defeat you in your profession or trade. Believe in yourself. That is it. Agbaakin is a great title. Before you can be considered for the title, they don’t bestow it on the weak, it is for the strong. Akin means to be strong. Akinkanju, somebody that possesses all a true Yoruba person should have-humility, industry and so on.

Obesere is a fortunate person. He is humble, very respectful, very kind. That is why I am here to celebrate with him. My advice for the up and coming artistes is to love themselves, do things in unity. Where there is no love no progress, they should also be closer to God. If they don’t know God it is dangerous for them. They need to be faithful to God too.

Chief Mrs. Olanikawo Akande.: I feel highly honoured. It is an honour and also a responsibility to my community and to the whole country as a whole and how to impact on my community as well to be a good woman. To impact on the environment. The chieftaincy that has been bestowed on me is an honour, so I know I have a responsibility towards my tribe as a Yoruba woman and I have to be impacting on my Yoruba fellow women in the whole country and in the Diaspora. I am fully in support of our values and norms and I am very traditional person because I respect our values, because we are exposed to the international world I will not throw away the value that we were brought up with, so I impact them on my children and anybody that comes across me will know that I am very well-respected woman and I respect everyone around me regardless their age or where they are coming from. As a Yoruba woman, I value respect a lot and that I impact and I contribute to my community and Nigeria and in Diaspora.

I am lawyer Tokunbo Olagbaye from London. I am here purposely because of Alhaji Akande Obesere through his promoter in UK, Bobby Balogun. The reason why I am here is because I have so much respect for Alhaji Obesere. He is a kind of musician that is very kind and humble. Normally, I don’t do Fuji , but I have been forced to like him through Bobby and his wife. So it is a pleasure to be among them, to see what is happening. I am happy. I would recommend him to anybody.

Nigerian music industry is growing. They are doing very well. They are not behind at all, they are doing very well, I have to be honest with you. The whole world is dancing some of Nigerian music. So Wizkid, Davido, Small Doctor, all of them. The guys here are trying to mix up and do something different. Abass Obesere, Pasuma, Alao Malaika, they are trying. They have been around for a while so Nigerian music industry is doing very well and it is catching up. Wasiu Ayinde, Pasuma, Saheed Osupa are already in there. But for the up and coming, it won’t be that easy for them to breakthrough to the Diaspora because of the exchange rate. it is quite expensive.

I practise law in United Kingdom. I help a lot of people in their immigration matter, I sort my community out in England, so I am viral, everybody know me. if you go on Facebook ,you will see me Lawyer Tokunbo Olagbaye, I have been in practice for over 20 years, so I know what I am talking about when it comes to U.K law it is in our hands, we know the corners.

I condemn people traveling to countries like Arab Emirate for greener pasture because it is of no use for people to leave their settled country and go over there and at the end of the day they gain nothing, some of them end up in prisons, some of them are being enslaved, some of them are really hungry but when they are being taken out of Nigeria here, the agents taking them out here are not giving them enough information on exactly what you are to expect over there and as a result of that , I think it is just a waste of money. They situation with Nigeria, I accept that there is problem with the economy but it is not bad, for people to use N1 million, N2 million to travel to another country, not to use that money to invest in Nigeria, I will personally recommend that if parents can manage to get N1million or N2 they should use it for their kids. Invest it here rather than going over there. Life is more precious than money.