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The Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Adeyemi has decried the decision of the then Federal Government of Nigeria on the choice of the Capital city of Osun state 30 years ago, saying Iwo town should have rather been made the state capital.

The Oyo monarch who made this expression on Friday during a courtesy visit to the Palace of Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi eulogised Oluwo for his public conducts and his leadership over his people. He rated Oluwo as a senior to some Obas in the; Ataoja of Osogbo, Akirun of Ikirun and Olokuku of Okuku who he described as mere district heads when Oluwo was already a king.

The Oluwo while welcoming Alaafin to his palace called on the Oyo monarch to convene the meeting of Yoruba Council of Obas as measure to foster unity among the Yoruba people.

Oluwo welcoming Alaafin…
“I have said I would not say this until I write a book of my own, but now that you’re here I have to say it. I don’t care what anybody feels or have to say.

” Alaafin means Olofin, if you hear some people calling themselves Olofin Isheri or Olofin Adimula somewhere; it is called Alaafin.

” It is there language, they don’t say Olodumare, they call it Olodumare while they say Ule rather than Ile the same Olofin means Alaafin.

” Baba I want you to do something as the Alaafin in Yoruba land, bring all Yoruba kings together as Yoruba Council of Obas.

” Don’t let us be scattered like this, state creation came recently. You are the Alaafin of Yoruba land and I want you to bring us together because there can never be unity across the land if we kings are not united. I am not cursing.

” Our father Alaafin; Iku Baba Yeye, there must be Yoruba Council of Obas. Today is not for talks because of where we are going but this is what I want request from you before the whole world.

” You are our father in Yoruba land, there are many things we should have done since but some elements whom I wouldn’t wanna call enemies because I don’t keep enemies. I see people in such category as my promoters because the more they talk about me, the popular I become. Even US President now knows Oluwo.

“Baba, I am happy that you visited your son’s palace today. Baba, you’re our father, father of all Yoruba monarchs. You are great and we your children are working behind you to be greater.” Oluwo said.

Alaafin responding….
“I sincerely appreciate this privilege to be received warmly by natives and residents of Iwo town, I am not a stranger in this palace. I do come here during the days of Oba Abimbola as Oluwo, I do visit kings in this area while I visited when he had optical challenges.

“When Tadese came on board, he visited me and we had discussion.

“We believe that when State was created, they made a great mistake (won gbe omo oba f’osun). If they had wanted to be just, Iwo should have been made the capital of Osun State.

“Ataoja Osogbo, is a District Chief (Baale Osogbo), so is the Akinrun of Ikirun and Olokuku of Okuku. I sent some books to the Oluwo recently, in the Council of Obas of the old Western Region, I marked his position there.

” Oluwo is not Iwo’s District Chief (Baale), there was no Nigeria here before, it used to be the Northern protectorate, Southern Protectorate and the protectorate of Lagos before the amalgamation in 1914 during the reign of my father.

” Alaafin was the only Oba that went to sign for the amalgamation in 1914.

“Ataoja was given crown in 1948 during the reign of my father and that was when he moved from being a Baale to becoming an Oba. At least, we have Ita Baale in Osogbo till date.

“It is not because I’m seated here with him, when a young man becomes a king, don’t call him a young man.

“Islam entered Oyo 1550AD, Turkey was the country with all Islamic values before everything was moved to Saudi Arabia.

“What Oluwo is saying about enemies and co, his is small compared to mine because the first 20 years of my reign was very rough. Perseverance, endurance and commitment are the true armour of a leader.

” If you make an old man a king, you’ll miss a lot. We’ll keep appealing to Yorubas not to select old men as kings because they wouldn’t have the capability.

” Oluwo has transformed this palace because I’m used to coming here and I commend the good works done here so far.

” When the Late Aderemi, Ooni of Ife joined his ancestors, the first person to move the motion that the Alaafin should be the Chairman of the Western State Council of Obas and Chiefs was Oluwo Abimbola and it was supported by all Obas present.

” But the government decided to go otherwise and that was the beginning of the disunity between Yoruba Obas.

“The Deputy Governor, acting on the directives of the Governor, S.M. Afolabi, issued a release that the Ooni of Ife is automatically the Chairman of the Council of Obas because he is the foremost monarch in Yoruba land.

“All the kings disagreed. When did constitutional government came compared to the long reign of the Yoruba traditional system.

“There is a book written by a foreign author which I sent to the then Oyo State, the book states that Oranyan is a direct descendant of Oduduwa and he is reputed to be the head of the princes in Yoruba land.

“Bola Ige then called me, saying he doesn’t want to quarrel with the Alaafin because such could distabilize their government. He said government doesn’t reverse official decisions but I’ll still be accorded necessary respect particularly to represent the state in Lagos during meetings of the Council of Chiefs.

“Oluwo resembles me…… Alaafin sings (Omo o le jo Baba).” Alaafin responded.

It will be recalled, Alaafin had in January this year at his palace in Oyo bestowed a strange tittle “Mayegun of Yorubaland on a Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde K1 with an instruction that the musician should not henceforth prostrate to any other Yoruba monarch except Ooni, Awujale and himself.