July 25, 2021

Adedibu’s Daughter, Adijat, Died Of Cancer, Not Coronavirus, Says Prof Adedibu!

Professor Aderemi Adedibu, one of the children of Chief Lamidi Adedibu, the late strongman of Ibadan politics, has declared that the first daughter of the late politician, Adijat, did not die of coronavirus, but cancer.

The social media was rife with the news of the passage of the woman in the United States of America (USA) with the insinuation that she died after testing positive to the virus.

However, Professor Adedibu, in a telephone conversation with Tribune Online, said it was not true that Adijat died of coronavirus, adding that she had been battling cancer for a while but got worsened recently, leading to her death.

This was as he said the family also got to know of the false report about the death of his sister, vowing that he would pursue “a logical conclusion the source of the story linking the death of my sister to the coronavirus pandemic.”

He said the deceased would be buried on Saturday.

Providing a further insight into the circumstances of the death of the late Adijat, Professor Adedibu said the deceased was aged 71, adding that she suffered from cancer for more than six months before her eventual death on Thursday.

“My sister died from cancer at a US hospital on Thursday and not coronavirus pandemic as being insinuated. She was aged 71 and she suffered from cancer for more than six months before she was admitted into a hospital last month.

“She died in the hospital yesterday (Thursday). I will not be able to provide you the information on her US address and the name of the hospital now. I will provide those two information with death certificate after her burial. Please note America does not bury without death certificate and she will be buried tomorrow by God’s grace,” he wrote in a whatsApp message he sent to Tribune Online.