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About Us


Our medium is an international magazine with audience in Europe America South Africa and vast majority in Nigeria, across Lagos Abuja and Port Harcourt.

This scope of our coverage, coupled with our online platform, certainly gives your business an unprecedented publicity at an affordable prices.

The magazine, with contents covering politics, entertainment, fashion and style, arts, relationships, metro news, gossips, hospitality, science and technology, education, amongst others, and with a record of approximately 1.2 million readers in the country, provides your business an unbeatable wide range of potential customers.

Our Roadmap
Your business details in every of our publication will be published in our centre spread, with a promo on cover.

Your business details will be published within a stipulated period of time.

Feature stories will be written and published on benefits, relevance, services and testimonies of your business from customers who have had great satisfaction from your services, as well as intimate our readers on initiatives put in place by your company on better service delivery to your customers.
We will serve as public relations outfit to your organization to branding your business and publish contents that will continuously woo our readers.

Dedicated column will be accorded to your business, apart from the regular advert publication you will get.
Feedback mechanism will be set up on both the online and magazine for comments and questions on articles written on any of your products and services. Photo news of any activity or event of your business or new products and services, being launched will be largely published, with stories or feature to accompany the event.

Projecting your business is a daunting task which we are proud to do, to let the world know what stands out your products and services from other competitors
We do believe with these maximum vast publicity and other laudable measure that will be put in place, your business will experience geometric turn over of the return in investment.
We look forward to making your brand a face in our magazine as we project you to the world.

Our Mission
To mount the saddle of this profession with best practice and creativity measured by hardwork, resilience and breath of fresh air always in the fortune of informing you.

Our Vision
To be the most celebrated esteemed magazine globally bringing robust and entertaining goodwill and stewardship to stakeholders.

Our Team

Publisher/Editor In Chief
Rufus S Awobiye

Oki Samson O M
Michael Chinedu

Marketing Executive
Bisi Olarewanju

Senior Correspondance
Mr kelvin Oduebor

Entertaintment/Fashion Reporter
Bidemi Hameed

Oladele Adejumo

Photo Editor
Allen T Paul

Stanley Godwin

Walia Omidiran

U S A Correspondance
Margret Hyde

South Africa Correspondance
Omorowa John Godwin

U K Correspondance
Regina Osawaru

Carribean Island Correspondence
Lisa Smith
Tel: +1 (264) 729-4777