LASEMA Recovers Two Trucks, 3 Containers

…Same Location, Two Operations

Following the Obalende fuel tanker incident, LASEMA has recovered two Trucks and three containers from same location at LACASERA Bus Stop in Mile 2.

The recoveries involved a truck conveying a 40feet container loaded to capacity with breakable items at LACASERA Bus Stop ‘inward’ Mile 2 and the other conveying two 20feet containers headed ‘outward’ mile2.

The two trucks recovered at LACASERA Bus Stop by LASEMA Response Teams, were involved in lone accidents attributed to bad state of the roads, lack of adequate maintenance of trucks involved by operators/owners and carelessness on the part of drivers.

Situation report regarding the truck accident at LACASERA Bus Stop ‘inward’ Mile 2 has it that, “Upon arrival at the scene of incident, it was discovered that a loaded forty feet containerised truck with unknown registration number had fallen.

“Further investigation gathered at the scene of the incident revealed that the accident was caused as a result of bad road and lack of truck maintenance.

“No loss of lives, nor injuries recorded at the scene of the incident

“Upon arrival of the Agency’s heavy duty equipment, the truck owner claimed that the accident truck was fully loaded with brakeable items and as such they had resolved to trans load their goods into another truck”.

The container was recovered off road, with the Agency’s fucklift to a layby, so that full vehicular activities could resume.

In a second operation by LASEMA Response Team the same location as the first, this time round involving a truck conveying cargoes of two 20feet containers headed ‘outward’ of mile 2.

Situation Report regarding the second accident has it that, “At the scene of incident, it was discovered that a truck conveying two 20feet container with unknown registration number, suddenly lost control and fell due to bad road, thereby obstructing vehicular activities along the axis.

“There was no loss of life, nor injuries. The Accident truck was recovered off the road with use of the Agency’s heavy duty equipment, the forklift (Goliath).

“The road was set free for full vehicular activities to resume by the LASEMA Response Team. Operation concluded”.

Head, Public Affairs-LASEMA
2nd May, 2020