July 25, 2021

AGF’S Office On Fire, Wailers And So Called Fence Sitters Are Already Peddling Conspiracy Theory On Embezzlement Of Covid-19 Fund.

  • The AGF’s office is not warehousing cash of any kind.
  • All the records of transaction in the AGF’s office is digital and copies exist at the supervisory ministry (Finance) and other storage.
  • The AGF is not responsible for the expenditure of SIP funds, and not responsible for spending Covid-19 funds. They only disburse to various accounts on authorization from the MOF.
  • What are they going to hide when records are spread across ministries? Humanitarian Affairs have the record of what they got, same with PTF COVID-19.
  • With the bureaucratic nature of our Civil Service, it will be difficult for anyone to suppress information in this digital era.
  • STOP hating your country because you hate Buhari.